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10 Best Methods to Keep Teeth Clean

  1. 10 Best Methods to Keep Teeth CleanMake a diet of white teeth

It consumes shown on your teeth.So if you are drinking red wine and black tea, or smoking cigars, expect the result to be a not so pearly white teeth.

Other culprits include soda dirty teeth, dressings and dark juices. The point is that if it is dark before putting it to his mouth, probably make  your teeth stained.

So, step one: Brush your teeth after eating or drinking foods that stain teeth. Step Two: Use a good bleaching agent regularly, including over-the-counter or in the dental office. Step Three: Be aware of foods and drinks in your diet that can stain your teeth, and Eat them only if you have a toothbrush handy. If you do not have one, take an apple for dessert, will provide an action to clean their teeth.

  1. Hum while brushing

British researchers found that the ideal for cleaning all bacterial plate package time is at least two minutes. Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to make long your brushing for two minutes. Or, place a watch in the bath and set the alarm for two minutes.

  1. Take your brush like a pencil

Does your toothbrush seem to just wash a car? If so, probably you brush too strong. Contrary to what some people think like brushing, brushing with force is not the best way to remove plaque. According to the dentist Harold Katz, of Beverly Hills, the best way to brush is to place your brush at a 45 degree angle against your gums and don’t move in backward and forward direction but make circles.Take the toothbrush like a pencil so you do not brush too hard.

  1. Take a cup of tea a day

It seems that flavonoids and other ingredients in tea prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the teeth, and also block the production of a type of sugar contributes to decay. Tea also contains a large amount of fluorine.

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Clean your tongue with

  1. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash to rinse bacteria

Most counter mouthwashes contain much alcohol, which may cause dryness of the tissues in your mouth, making them more susceptible to bacteria. Some studies even suggest a relationship between mouthwash with alcohol and an increased risk of oral cancer. To be sure, a teetotaler consider when choosing a mouthwash.

  1. Any action involving language

Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper every morning to remove plaque on it and fresh your breath. A major reason for bad breath is the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue, a daily scraping can help eliminate. Furthermore, according to Dr. Katz, use a tongue scraper is more effective to do it with a toothbrush.

  1. Add some bicarbonate

Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week to remove stains and whiten your teeth. Use it like toothpaste. You can also use salt as an alternative to toothpaste. Just be sure not to regard it as spitting salt intake! Also, if your gums start to feel rough, switch to brushing with salt every other day.

  1. Use tools, no teeth

Keep rubber bottle openers and a pair of scissors in your bag or desk drawer.Thus, no tundra to use your teeth as tools, which can cause corruption. In fact, never use your teeth as tools, except to eat.

  1. Wash your mouth

Take a glass of water for every hour you are at work.That way, when you get home, your RDA tundra. If you work at home, make sure you take a glass of 300 milliliters every hour for eight hours. Water not only keeps your digestive system healthy, control your weight and hydrates your skin but also help you keep your teeth pearly white. Drink more water will remove most bacteria of your teeth and mouth, which means less risk of gum disease, fewer cavities and fresher breath.

  1. Red chew chewing gum

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that chewing gum flavored with cinnamon reduces bacteria in the mouth.The reason Chewing gum containing cinnamaldehyde, an essential oil from a plant used as a flavoring that inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.

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