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10 Foods You Can Eat in Times of High Stress

10 Foods You Can Eat in Times of High Stress

Did you know that green leafy vegetables help us to reduce physical and mental stress and alleviate pain? Also they promote concentration and improve stress.

Physical and emotional stress cause a reaction in the body that increases the adrenaline, a hormone which, in turn, cause certain hormonal and nerve to flee from the situation that brings answers.

This emotional state usually has its origin in times of depression, anxiety or feelings of irritability; in turn, it can occur in response to various physical conditions which require more care.

Although at first you can tell by the attitude and difficulty concentrating, later it can cause severe headaches, loss of energy and even digestive problems.

Therefore, it is essential to the first control signals through a relaxation technique and consumption of some foods that support its reduction.

This time we want to reveal a top 10 with those ingredients which by their chemical composition, increase levels of the substances responsible for the welfare. Enjoy them!


This vegetable makes a significant contribution of folic acid, a nutrient that calms the nervous system and irritable emotions.

They are perfect to enjoy in salads or baked and also are a natural source of fiber and vitamin B.

2.Warm milk

Consumption of hot milk has a calming effect that controls anxiety and stress. Your contribution phospholipids has a positive effect on mood, cognitive function and decreased levels of cortisol, a hormone related to these emotions.


This citrus fruit is valued for the significant contribution of vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient that strengthens the body’s defenses and fights free radicals.

What few know is that their intake also controls adrenaline and cortisol levels, favoring the release of physical and mental strain.


It is characterized by complex carbohydrates needed to energize the body and maintain stable levels of serotonin.

The latter is a chemical that is related to the feeling of wellbeing, joy and relaxation.

Although most carbohydrates have similar effects, in this case it is healthier because it takes longer to digest and its effects are long lasting.

5.Red wine

A glass of red wine a day has wonderful benefits thanks to its content of resveratrol, an antioxidant substance that mitigates the damage caused by free radicals.

Swallowing is a moderately support to improve blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. It also helps to reduce symptoms caused by stress, anxiety and depression.


This delicious dried fruit has anti-inflammatory and soothing compounds that reduce the tension caused by stress and irritability.

Its fatty acids and proteins involved in the control of adrenaline and favor the relief of symptoms in the nervous system and muscles.


Also known as avocado, it is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat every day as part of the diet.

In this case the benefits are due to its contribution of vitamins B and E, whose effects on the body reduce levels of cortisol.

It contains essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidant compounds that promote overall body health.

Just it does not recommend eating more than one piece a day because it contains more calories than any other vegetable.


A fixture in the diet for stress is the lemon. It contains vitamin C, essential to detoxify the liver and digestive system.

Furthermore, it stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphins, neurotransmitters known as happiness.

9.Green leafy vegetables

Again, we recommend the consumption of vegetables rich in chlorophyll to improve health. Here are quite appropriate because ease pain and create a sense of calm that helps reduce physical and mental stress.

Minerals and proteins improve concentration and reduce the substances that are secreted when one suffers too much stress.

10.Sunflower seeds

These delicious seeds, which can be included in salads, contain calcium and magnesium, two minerals which, when absorbed, increase hormones that put brake stress. Calcium stimulates nerves while magnesium has a calming effect.

It is shown to be a source of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, associated with the prevention of premature aging.

Regular consumption of these foods helps keep the stress away; however, they not treated powerful remedies to control when you are already suffering.

If it is too late to prevent, prepare a soothing infusion and tries to implement a technique of meditation.

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