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13 Benefits of Neem for Skin, Hair and Health

13 Benefits of Neem for Skin, Hair and Health

Indian lilac, commonly known as neem has been an integral part of Ayurveda to the benefits associated with it. It is a plant that is commonly available throughout the year and has advantages that few natural products can provide. Neem has anti-bacterial properties; antiparasitic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic that not only benefit your health but can help get rid of the most common aesthetic problems they face in everyday life. So learn more about the uses of neem for how you can use this miracle herb in your daily beauty regimen.

  1. Benefits of Neem Skin:

Neem proves to be a miracle for people with skin problems. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Neem is a boon for people with sensitive skin prone to acne or fat.

Benefits of Neem are vitamin C, which helps get rid of skin problems such as black spots, pigmentation, and dullness and make skin fresh.

Here are some ways you can use to get the neem glowing skin you’ve always wanted:

  1. Remove acne and dark pigmentation:

Boil a mixture of about 20 neem leaves in a pint of water until the leaves are soft and color, and the water turns green. Strain and store in a jar. Use this liquid as a tonic simply dip a cotton ball in it and wiping his face with every night. Regular use will help in clearing acne scar, pigmentation and blackheads.

  1. Prevents recurrence blackheads:

In the event that you have a skin and suffering of black’s sensitive points, dilute neem oil with water and apply on blackheads. Make sure you do not use more than 2-3 drops of neem oil. The application of this regularly will help get rid of blackheads and prevent their return.

  1. Treat skin infection:

To get rid of skin infection, to prepare the mixture and add about 100 ml of the same to bathing water

  1. Beneficial in Leprosy:

Neem makes a popular old remedy against leprosy. Neem leaves and SAP are two compounds that have been clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of this terrible disease. The patient, when given daily 60 grams of SAP neem, quickly recovers from this disease. Even a neem massage helps to treat leprosy. The skin heals and offers great anti-inflammatory benefits. Leprosy is massaged regularly pastas neem leaves.

  1. Blood Purifier:

Neem, being a cleansing agent to remove toxins from the blood.This incredible health benefit neem can keep safe from acne, skin irritations, and more. It also checks the formation of free radicals.

  1. Beneficial in digestion:

Leave Neem is a rich source of fiber. They contain fiber 20% along with essential protein, fat, calcium and amino acids. It improves digestive capacity of the body and makes the intestines more active. Eating neem leaves is digestive disorders like constipation and gases.

  1. Neem is used to treat malaria:

Neem offers the goodness of an antipyretic agent also. Malaria is a deadly fever affecting the efficiency of the human liver. Come little neem leaves every day to maintain safe malaria liver side effects.

  1. Perfect solution for Dark Circles eyes:

Neem helps to reduce pigmentation and acts as a moisturizing agent, is the ideal solution to this problem. Just make a paste of neem powder and water and apply it around the eyes. Wash after 15 minutes. Do this every day to see the difference.

  1. Provides brightness brush with twigs:

We all know that a beautiful smile is the best accessory a girl. To make smile even more special, use neem twigs to brush their teeth. This is an age old remedy that not only leaves and shiny black teeth, but also keep dental problems such as cavities, plaque and bad breath at bay.

  1. Improves blood circulation and regulates hormone levels:

No amount of makeup can give natural light, which is a sign of healthy skin. To achieve this brightness is important that you are healthy from within. Neem is known since ancient times to cleanse the blood and body. Regular use of neem leaves helps to improve blood circulation and prevent hormonal imbalance, which are one of the main reasons behind some skin problems and hair.

  1. Consume2-3 leaves of neem mixed with a little honey “on an empty stomach daily and get magical results.

Make sure you do not try you consume the concoction made by boiling the leaves of neem leaves in water and tend to leave behind a pungent smell then boiled to make it difficult for you to consume the liquid.

  1. Neem is used to treat all kinds of Nail problems:

If you suffer from common problems like itching and peeling nails then neem oil is the solution for you. Neem oil helps make nails stronger, which prevents them dry or brittle. These problems can occur because of a nail infection being treated. Neem oil will help you deal with that, too. The antibacterial and antifungal neem will help get rid of the infection by keeping healthy nails.

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