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4 Tips to Sharpen Your Mind and Memory

4 Tips to Sharpen Your Mind and Memory

The loss of his ability to remember things with age can be a minor annoyance – or it may become a life-altering weakness. However, almost anyone who has trouble remembering things as they age can take steps to recover some of the sharpness of his memory. If you do, you need a combination of staying physically fit, eat well, rest overnight if possible, and use tools such as games and puzzles as a form of mental exercise.


Get enough rest on a regular basis: Studies written in various magazines and newspapers found that a full night’s sleep can help to increase the memory capacity of the brain. Tests reveal that certain brain regions undergoing significant changes in activity, while a person is asleep, and is believed to brain memory becomes more efficient during this time.

Exercise Regularly: National Institutes of Health studies have shown that a fit body can mean a sharp mind. Engaging in normal exercise, like walking, daily can magnify an area of ​​the mind involved in the formulation of memories, especially in older adults. Staying physically fit can help prevent the effects of memory loss and forgetfulness basic and the onset of dementia.

Use forms of mental exercise to stay strong: Complete crosswords and puzzles, reading newspapers and magazines, and play games like Sudoku and poker, which require the use of numerical skills, it can be useful. You can keep the mind active; train and sharpen your memory; mind and maintaining an efficient operation. Mental exercises have also been found to slow the rapid aging of the brain.

Eat Healthy Food: Foods that are rich in Omega-3 acids, such as fish and olive oil, and those that are abundant in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, can help the brain productivity and strengthen memory. Studies by the Mayo Clinic and other health organizations show that the skinless chicken and lean meat can also help to maintain or increase good mental and physical health.

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