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6 Exfoliating Masks With Homemade Ingredients

6 Exfoliating Masks With Homemade Ingredients

If you have sensitive skin is important to be careful when choosing your scrub and do not use too much, since some can be too aggressive.
No need to spend a lot of money on creams and beauty products. With some items we have at home we enjoy a healthier and younger skin. Learn how to exfoliating masks with ingredients we have at home and starts to take advantage of the benefits of Mother Nature to your face or body.
Simple Recipes of Homemade Scrubs
you will not have to rush to the market to make these masks, because all the ingredients are in the cupboards and fridges of the houses (except that no purchase is too soles). The good news is that having different recipes, you can always choose to do that with which you meet all ingredients.
1. Sugar Scrub
Maybe you’re leaving to use to try healthier alternatives in your tea, for example. Then, take advantage of refined sugar to make a homemade mask.

You just have to mix: 
7 tablespoons of sugar.
5 tablespoons oil
we recommend using almond oil or special baby but if you’re not, you can use olive or until corn.
Will be grainy and thick mixture, with which you must make circular massage the skin, previously washed with warm water. It serves not only for the face but also for the body. Rub evenly and then bathe with hot water.
Leaving the shower, use any moisturizer you have, or apply a cotton ball soaked in milk. This is a rather strong exfoliation; therefore, it is not advisable do it more than twice a month. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin too.
2. Lemon Scrub for Face
Before give the recipe, it’s good that you consider some important issues to use lemon for cosmetic and beauty. This fruit has very good properties to exfoliate and remove stains from the skin, but can also cause adverse effects. Do not panic. For this, it uses lemon always at night and do not go out into the street without having completely removed, especially if you use it on the face and it is summer.
Having made this caveat, it’s time you learn to make homemade lemon peel. Mixture:
The juice of ½ lemon.
3 spoonfuls of sugar
rub into your skin giving circular massage on the skin clean and slightly damp. Then rinse well. Be careful if you have an overly sensitive dermis or white. For the lemon scent stays in your body, do not hesitate to add a few drops of green tea, for example, that will also give you a sense of purity and vitality to the skin.
3. Scrub Homemade Banana
if you have purchased and are overripe bananas, you can use them to prepare an exfoliating mask. Not worth eating it! This delicious fruit has the ability to nourish the skin, as well as smooth and light due to its pasty consistency.
To prepare the scrub first have to:
Stepping up the banana puree.
Then add 4 tablespoons sugar (yes, again our friend the sugar).
Mix well, without being left too watery consistency. If this happens, add more sugar.
Applied to the skin of the face or body, after doing cleaning with warm water and rinse in the shower.
If you want, instead of sugar you can use sea salt or Epsom salts (available at health food houses or even in pharmacies).
4. Coffee Scrub Home
Coffee has many properties when used topically. It can be an ideal place to combat cellulite, for example, or to exfoliate your body of dead cells and debris that we accumulate throughout the day by perspiration, smog (or smog) element, dust, etc.
Use any cream that you have to mix at home with coffee grounds and applied to the face or body making circular movements. You can also exfoliate your body while you bathe, with coffee used directly. Do not forget to moisturize the area well then.
 5. Exfoliating Oatmeal and Milk or Yogurt
especially if there are children in the house, these elements are never missing in the kitchen. You can take advantage of the oats have exfoliating properties and also use it to look radiant, smooth and youthful skin (leaving a little for breakfast the other day).
½ cup ground oats.
Some milk until a stiff dough (do not stay liquid).
To enhance the effect, add a tablespoon of sugar.
Instead of enjoying with yogurt in the morning … Use it to remove skin debris! Applied to the site you want using circular movements. Then wash with warm water and moisturize with some moisturizer.
You can also use granola. With half a cup and a little hot water or milk, you can make an excellent exfoliant. The application steps are the same as above.
6. Honey Scrub with Linseed
we already had the sugar, coffee and oatmeal in the ranking of best natural exfoliating. But we lacked the honey! Undoubtedly, it is an indispensable ingredient in homes, because it serves both to tea when we are sick to sweeten a cake.
In this case, you will use the honey to remove impurities from your face. What?
1 cup honey.
½ cup of warm water.
25 g of flax seed powder
you’ll get stiff dough. Place in the refrigerator a few hours and then rub the skin with this mask, making circular movements. Some people use it on elbows and knees.

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