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7 Best Quick Masks For All Skin Types

7 Best Quick Masks For All Skin Types

We must bear in mind your skin type to use those ingredients that do not worsen their natural condition and, in turn, they can bring benefits.

Every day we take care of the skin with the right products for your skin type. However, there are factors such as poor diet, stress or pollution greatly affect the state of our skin and devitalize.

For this reason we should apply ourselves a facial mask once a week.

In this article we offer some masks you can prepare at home easily and naturally, and it will provide the necessary nutrients for your skin type.

What are masks?

Masks are products applied for a certain time, about 20 or 30 minutes, and allow ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, which helps us to achieve more visible and lasting results.

The skin is much the consequences of pollution, nutrient poor nutrition, stress, climate, etc., so, we occasionally provide a more intensive care if we hold firm and radiant.

It is essential to know what our skin type to choose the right ingredients and balance the skin effectively and naturally.

What is your skin type?

We can classify skin types in the following categories:

Normal skin: It has adequate natural moisture and suffers no significant impurities.

Dry skin: It lacks hydration, it peels off.

Oily skin: A skin that glows and can be prone to impurities.

Combination skin: This type of skin has excess fat only on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Acneica skin: Feature Young girls suffering the appearance of black spots and pimples.

Mature skin: Skin of a certain age, devitalized and wrinkles.

Delicate skin: With tendency to irritate or redden.

If you already know your skin type, choose your mask and apply it once a week, in a time when you can relax and let it work without doing other activities.

Normal skin

Normal skin does not require much care as the others. However, we can prevent aging and deterioration with a simple mask ripe avocado, a fruit that contains numerous nutrients.


Ripe avocado


We just have to pound some ripe avocado and already have list this quick mask.

Dry Skin

Dry skin aging easily, making it one of the most appropriate care for this reason we propose three ingredients rich in nutrients and fatty acids nourish the skin from within.


Ground oats


Olive oil


Ground oatmeal mix with beaten egg yolk and a few drops of olive oil

Oily skin


Natural aloe vera gel

Lemon juice


Mix natural aloe vera gel with lemon juice. We can also use the grated lemon skin if ecological. We will beat the ingredients, adding more lemon juice or aloe to get the right consistency for the mask.

Combination skin


Coconut oil

Ripe banana


These two ingredients allow us to regulate naturally fat levels of the skin without grease and dry.

The main ingredient is the banana, you have to be very mature so we can mash well with a fork. Then we’ll add a few drops of coconut oil.

Acneica skin


Green clay powder

Natural yogurt


Mix green clay powder with yogurt, adding little by little, until a spreadable texture. We use glassware, wood or ceramic, and avoid plastic and metal.

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Mature skin


Raw egg

Rosehip oil

The egg, which provides firmness, combines perfectly with rosehip oil, which is an excellent anti-wrinkle anti-aging nutrient.


We will beat the egg well and add a little of the oil.

Delicate skin

The delicate skins are very sensitive to even masks, so we must carefully choose any product that we apply.

The two ingredients we have chosen are natural, respectful and very beneficial for skin care.


Beer yeast



Collect enough plain yogurts with brewer’s yeast powder and we will beat until dissolved and create a homogeneous mixture.

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