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7 Magical and Easy Steps to Have Long Hair

7 Magical and Easy Steps to Have Long HairChange brush classic by one of natural fibers, preferably rounded tips and a natural material (such as wood and / or boar bristles, I use wooden comb because it usually breaks the hair and bristles Boar to fix my hair with bangs).

The method of combing is also very important !, if you comb when hair is wet it will break very easily because the hair at the moment is very weak, try combing dry hair wet or at least possible, and slowly combing without jerks, proper form is pick hair in a pile with one hand and with the other comb gently catch the first loads of tips and comb, once untangled, catch all the hair together and continue on the part of middle and end the above (the scalp, to take the hair and comb well conseguiréis that you will not break therefore hope that ye understood is very simple if you will accustom to do so, and you will notice much difference! because all these hairs that one sees that they are cut, we seem to have frizz, is not that, but the combing improperly have broken hair and so is cut, and to fix that takes months, even years !.

Avoid the dryer (insofar as possible), especially too close to the head (I what I do in summer is to take to secármelo outdoors, and avoid exposing my hair to an artificial and unnecessary heat and in winter use a kind of microfiber towel shaped v sold in any large surface mine in particular Eroski bought in, but certainly will in most shops, microfiber is what makes you dry your hair before, so if you put your when you leave the shower and while you lie your creams, etc … after a while you will see that you have enough hair drier than if you used a normal towel and avoid using the dryer or at least you reduce have to use it for so long).

Try using fewer plates, curling irons and so on, there are natural ways to fix her hair without them!, when one day you want to go see the cutest for use, but not always, because as much that you throw products to avoid damaging and burning the hair that sort of thing spoils, and that is something we all know very well!.

Avoid lend molding, relaxers, dyes, wicks, etc., in the salon, there are natural ways to color your hair, you can also lighten or darken with plants, as well as a beautiful woman is having your natural hair! and fijaros but the Hindus, they have a virgin hair (it is named a hair who never played to a dye or mold, are not used any chemical !, plus they have an incredibly healthy and strong hair !, much has to do with not using any chemical, but also with their genetics, the question is that for you do not know, hair extensions are all hair of those wonderful women, they never cut their hair for them is sacred have it long, but as they are very poor, when a family has no resources, a daughter or more of them are killed and all his hair, which he bought for extensions are cut, and pay what for them is aid to survive !, so do not know you, but I never put me extensions, not because it is racist, in contrast, never pay for something that costs a person suffering !, as much as you and I said before, so they have long hair is sacred, when they cut it is an offense, is like being invalid, but do it for your family, you will see that in this world lives off the suffering of others !, well, I’m against everything unnatural, and I do not say that ever not miss me wicks and that because e tested like all, but after and thought and seen that it is not at all necessary, the beauty of a person is in the natural!.

Wash your hair with warm or always pricey in cold water, hot water is terrible hair! Avoid it!

Cut off the ends of hair from time to time (depending on what you suelan mess, but at least every 2 to 3 months), because he did not cut a finger does not help you have longer hair but a dead hair! And cut it when the moon is a crescent (the best in its first quarter, but that is in growing and you better never do waning, because you would get the opposite effect !, i.e. you grow fewer and fewer fast! ), this may seem silly but it is not, since the moon affects us in many more ways than we imagine !. The moon governs the tides, our periods (which in fact some people say rather than have my menstruation or rule I have my honeymoon, this is very normal between witches and women who follow the ancient customs of their ancestors as we do Witches), also applies deliveries (give full moon that there is always more births than normal !, it is proven!), and of course that also governs the growth of our hair, nails, etc., so if you follow this advice will help a lot !.

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