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7 Tips for Living Longer and Better

7 Tips for Living Longer and Better

You cannot avoid growing old is something you have to learn to do and live with it. It is a unique experience in life that sometimes becomes an unwanted experience. However, the spirit is ageless, so you have to enjoy the good things of life.

Many times I have heard that know aging is an art. Who have learned how to do it are visible to the naked eye. In this process, we must confront the feelings of loneliness, emptiness, disability, death of loved ones and those who have been forgotten your close….

There is resistance to address these issues with sincerity and depth by those who are already living this stage, because it is easier to pretend that all is well.

So I found it interesting to share some tips to live better while aging:

  1. Maintain a healthy diet: A balanced diet is essential at this stage of life; quality of life is improved and prevents the development of diseases, since it is uncertain that many diseases are closely related to habits of incorrect diet. A 1500 calorie diet is beneficial to health and helps to age more slowly.
  2. Physical activity: Physical exercise helps to improve the sense of well being and maintain satisfactory levels in almost all health indicators, especially those related to the cardio respiratory system. Hiking in good company, decided to climb stairs, yoga according to age, etc. could be some recommendations on this point.
  3. Practicing smile and laugh more often: Laughter is an expression of joy. It has been observed that laughter improves mood, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, regulates blood pressure and increases appetite also releases the fear and anguish.
  4. Keep your mind active: Promoting all intellectual activity, develop work to exercise curiosity and mental activity. Reading, studying, intellectual exercises mental work prevents atrophy memory. Facing a new project every day.
  5. Avoid the presence of stressors: The first step to prevent the quality of life deteriorates as you age is to address the different situations calmly. For that we need to find ways to invest the time and limit the sense of isolation.
  6. Practice relaxation activities, caring breath: Practice integrated breathing and especially abdominal breathing. Learning to perform relaxation practices frequently. Discover the benefits of water through the enjoyment of thermal baths, hydrotherapy, swimming and other water-related activities.
  7. Build a strong family and social network: Family networks, friends and acquaintances not only benefit the older maintain their social identity, but they provide emotional support, material, information and services.

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