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Benefits of Coconut Oil in Cooking and as a Cosmetic

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Cooking and as a Cosmetic

Did you know that coconut oil you can make your own toothpaste natural and free of preservatives? Thanks to its antibacterial properties can also serve as a deodorant.

Coconut oil was until recently an exotic and unfamiliar food, but more and more we hear it and we found it easily both for culinary use or for cosmetic use.

In this article we explain why you should always have it close and how you can take full advantage to enjoy its therapeutic benefits as well as excellent cosmetic for your hair, your skin, your teeth, etc.

Coconut, a Super food

In addition to its content of healthy fatty acids, coconut has high levels of protein, folic acid, B vitamins and mineral deposits like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

A fat slimming

One of the most striking benefits of coconut oil is that despite being a fat, is a food that helps us lose weight. Due to its composition, this healthy oil accelerates our metabolism and energy becomes immediately without going through the bloodstream.

Besides using it for cooking and seasoning, if we lose weight we recommend starting the day with a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil fasting, removing it from his mouth and waiting at least 15 minutes before breakfast.

Excellent cooking oil

This oil has the property of not rusting or other become toxic when cooked at high temperatures, and also manages to maintain its profits despite the heat. It is therefore the ideal choice for cooking, and also allows us to tap our taste different dishes.

Healthy and exotic desserts

It is soft, sweet and exotic flavor, so coconut oil is also ideal for desserts, because we can use it instead of other less healthy fats like cream or oil of lower quality. You can add it to cakes or biscuits instead of sunflower oil, which include in sweet smoothies in custards, puddings, cookies, etc.

A moisturizer for combination skin

Coconut oil is very nutritious and can moisturize deeply, and at the same time has the ability to be easily absorbed by the skin, so it is the solution for combination skin, those with dry and oily areas. Coconut oil will act as a regulator and our skin look hydrated and no glare.

We can apply it in the morning and before bed.

The moisturizing mask for your hair

Many cultures use coconut oil to moisturize the hair, as it helps prevent dry hair and split ends. To apply what we preferably before washing hair, extending the oil along the hair but avoiding the roots (unless you also want to have too dry and hydrate). We canvass the hair and leave on for half an hour before washing as usual do. If we split ends we can apply a drop of oil also after washing. Hair looks shiny and frizz.

A very effective deodorant

Due to Its antibacterial properties and delicious aroma, coconut oil is also a very effective deodorant that can be applied directly in the armpits, especially when we suffer irritation or discomfort in that area with other products.

Very natural toothpaste

Finally, coconut oil is also a remedy for our dental health, and also allows us to develop natural toothpaste and very effective, especially in cases of dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, sores, scales, etc. The coconut is rich in lauric acid, which prevents the formation of plaque and tooth decay.


  1. Three tablespoons of coconut oil
  2. A spoonful of powdered cinnamon Ceylon
  3. 3 drops of essential oil of oregano, mint and / or tea tree or


Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon and store the resulting paste in a jar. We will use the same way as conventional.

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