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Benefits of Green Banana or Plantain

Benefits of Green Banana or Plantain

In Mexico it is known as plantain in Colombia just as green bananas, and elsewhere we can find out how to bake banana. It is a banana usually larger than banana and is widely consumed in tropical parts of South America. This banana is full of benefits that today we will describe. Anyways, if you have not tried this type of banana, it should be noted that should be consumed cooked and not raw like a banana or banana yellow and mature, because if not herbed, baked or fried, is an undigested food that decomposes sure you and makes you a hard time.Although, you can also eat ripe for dessert meals.

It contains lots of fiber: If you want a body that works to perfection avoiding feel heavy, punctured and gas, you can consume green banana because it contains a lot of fiber that will help good digestion running smoothly and put your gut.

Helps control hypertension: Green banana as yellow banana has a high amount of potassium, but without much glucose, so you will benefit much more if your hypertension problem has developed diabetes problems.

Contains vitamin A for skin: Trade creams can be very expensive and only provide foreign elements to your skin which can also be chemical.The male banana contains vitamin A that helps keep skin in perfect condition and well as help to regenerate tissue is a good wrinkle.

Good for bone health: If you have a baby at home, you are in the first weeks of pregnancy or live with an elderly; preparing food with green banana because of its high potassium content helps the proper growth of the baby’s bones and to maintain strong bones of the elderly.

It is a more varied food you can imagine: As varied and versatile as the potato green bananas can be prepared in various foods and as already mentioned in different ways. Integrate it into your daily diet will not be difficult because the recipes abound and find many ideas to prepare dishes of the cuisine of several cultures. Unique care, several recipes with this green banana or male, like plantains or green banana chips are prepared fried, so it will be opting for healthier recipes instead of frying are prepared in the oven or with a little oil, and thus join the green benefits by eating bananas but not calories or more kilos.

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