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Benefits of Massage Recovery

Benefits of Massage Recovery

Prolonged muscle contractions take the athlete to a state of muscle fatigue. This state is characterized by the inability of contractile and metabolic processes of the muscular fibers to sustain effort level. Muscle contraction is weakened because of the decline in the supply of nutrients and the accumulation of waste products.

Massaging accelerates the absorption of toxins, venous return and diffusion of lactic acid to lymphatic act as conduits cleaning where enter the blood, Pain caused by accumulation of catabolites and vasoconstriction reduces the ability of the athlete so hyperemia induced massage facilitates removal of waste substances. This type of massage is applied to the recovery effort (to restart activity at a high level in a short space of time) without there being any injury to the athlete. It is important to underline this point as to recover injuries should use other techniques that are not described here.

At the same time the massage affects the psychological state of the athlete by the characteristics of body contact:

  1. Comforting
  2. Soothing
  3. Pleasurable

Massage stimulates the production of synovial fluid is the nutrient joint and when there is an overload on a joint, to increase the flow of blood and lymph favors restoring normal function.

In short it is the type of massage that releases muscle byproducts of intense or prolonged effort so that you can perform at their best level in a short space of time.


  • Reduces fatigue
  • It reduces recovery time physical abilities.
  • Improves the ability to return to compete or train.
  • Improves excitability and muscle contraction.
  • It promotes mental relaxation through massage the athlete contact.
  • Decreases muscle hypertonic.
  • Increases blood flow thereby increasing muscle oxygenation.
  • It facilitates the athlete better reconcile sleep.

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