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Benefits of Mustard Oil and Seed

Benefits of Mustard Oil and Seed

In addition to providing flavor to our dishes, to consume we can benefit from its antioxidant properties to prevent the growth of tumors, either can be applied topically to relieve burns.

Mustard has been used since antiquity as a condiment, as it gives a strong flavor to foods; however, this is not the only utility that owns.

Indeed, mustard not only serves to flavor food, but is also great when used for other purposes, as an ingredient in medicinal preparations and even for household cleaning.

A spa in a seed

Mustard and its derivatives have been used for a long time to improve the appearance of the body, not just because it is a condiment virtually free of calories, but also because it can be effectively used for hair care and skin.

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants mustard, for example, nourish hair and skin, strengthening them and giving them shine. In addition, mustard is a great source of beta carotene, which strengthens the hair and stimulates their growth.

Hair treatment, mustard oil is ideal, and can be easily applied to the scalp. For maximum effectiveness, you should wash the next day just being used. For skin treatment, mustard can be applied directly to the skin for a short period of time.

However, some care must be taken because some people may show allergic reactions. It is best to apply a very small amount of mustard on the skin to see if a reaction occurs.

An effective drug

But mustard is not limited to outpatient care: It can also be used to treat many diseases. Its effectiveness against respiratory diseases, for example, is due to its antibacterial properties. In addition, it’s high content sinigrina mirosina and stimulates increased blood flow and relieves congestion.

Because of this, there is nothing better to combat sore throat gargle with a prepared mustard seeds, lemon juice, honey and sea salt in just over a cup of boiling water, which will be ready for use then let stand for fifteen minutes. For congestion, simply make a dressing of mustard on a warm cloth, which should be placed on the chest of the person concerned.

Mustard is also useful to treat minor ailments. Apply mustard powder on minor burns after washing with cold water relieves pain and reduces blisters. On the other hand, thanks to its sulfur content, it is useful for constipation.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties are effective against cold symptoms, headaches, and mustard make an excellent muscle relaxant, which can be used in warm baths of mustard powder with some essential oil and Epsom salts; or just in a bowl of warm water, for example, to treat specific parts, such as feet.

On the other hand, mustard can also face the most terrible evils: its antioxidant – like vitamin C – and isothiocyanates help prevent the onset of various cancers; especially those affecting the urinary tract.

Mustard at home

Mustard has also proved its effectiveness in home care as a natural disinfectant and as an anti-fat. To remove grease from dishes, for example, simply applying a little mustard powder before washing.

Another property of mustard is its strong smell, which also allows deodorize containers and utensils: a mixture of mustard powder and water is sufficient to eliminate odors and leave your cookware as new.

Mustard: much more than a condiment

Because of its many features and benefits, mustard – whether in seeds, oil and powder – is essential for all people who want to keep your body and your home clean ingredient.

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