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Causes of High Cholesterol in Body

Causes of High Cholesterol in Body

When a total cholesterol above or close to 240 mg / dL appears in some tests it is likely that our doctor recommends us some medicine to decrease, and it will not even find out the reasons causing this increase.

Hypothyroidism: The thyroid is responsible for many functions in our body and its functioning is inversely related to cholesterol. The less work more thyroid raises the cholesterol (LDL). One way to fix it is to increase the level of iodine if it is low. And above all ensure that there is no low T3 (triiodothyronine)

Eat plenty of carbohydrates and / or sugar: Where we will first know if we spend on consumption of carbohydrates it is at the level of triglycerides (100 mg / dL or more), but at the same time the level of LDL-P are increased, LDL-C, VLDL, which means that the particles become smaller and denser. The size of the particles that have elevated cholesterol is much more important than the total number. An analysis should always specify the types of LDL, and it is essential before taking any type of medication to reduce it.

Diabetes or poor control of blood glucose: Glycation of proteins that happens when there is an excess blood glucose molecules.Glycated proteins bind to the LDL molecules swell and is more expensive to recycle the liver LDL and cannot be used, then the cells of the immune system are responsible for recycling. Leukocytes and platelets may be high if this happens.

Malnutrition: A deficit of iodine and / or selenium, necessary for thyroid, or a deficit of antioxidants such as zinc or copper rises cholesterol to compensate for damage (oxidative stress)

Stress: High cholesterol acts as a protective substance against cell damage that occurs maintain elevated cortisol. If this is the cause, exercise and relaxation are good solutions. Smoking and excess alcohol consumption also stressed our body.

Hormonal causes: More common in women, for example, see their cholesterol while taking oral contraceptives increases.Also during menstruation and menopause.And especially if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cholesterol is necessary to produce sexual hormones. Poly-cystic ovaries cause low HDL and high LDL.

Untreated infections: Such as cavities, gingivitis (chronic bacterial infection) is included in this cause. Cholesterol stabilizes the tissues to control inflammation that produces an infection, which is why scars contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance anti-inflammatory descending once the inflammation goes away.

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a rare genetic disease LDL receptor (apoB) in liver cells. For the more serious diagnosis (homozygous) both parents must have the genetic marker and if only one of them (heterozygous) then it is more common and less severe. To be completely sure of both diagnostic genetic testing must not simply see an analysis.

Diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat: It is not unusual to rise HDL cholesterol levels (above 50 mg / dL) when we started this type of diet. Triglycerides lowered (to less than 100 mg / dL) which means that increase LDL but is type A with less density and increased volume. Is likely to increase LDL-C, LDL, P, apoB,which are related to the loss of fat mass (weight loss). Cholesterol is a means of transport that are mobilizing fat from adipose tissue that explains its increase. It is advisable to not weigh up to 1 month after stabilize our weight. Another possible explanation is the stimulation of the hormone IGF-1 in response to dairy consumption. That’s why we should not measure ourselves cholesterol while the weight is not stable.And should not abuse milk (10 days) before analysis.

There are many more reasons to have high cholesterol, as many as there are reasons for our body to secrete to protect him.

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