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Chemical Addiction Dimensions and Types

Chemical Addiction Dimensions and Types


It is the need, whether physical or psychological, of continuing to consume a particular substance.

The fact that a person consumes the substance does not imply that it is addicted, for this happen same amounts and frequency of consumption should be measured.

At this point it should be noted distinctions between use, abuse and dependence.

Application: It is the relationship with the substance in which both its quantity and frequency and the physical, psychological and social situation itself the subject, no negative impact on consumers or on their micro and macro environment occur.

Abuse: Is that related to the substance which produced negative consequences for the consumer and / or for more or less immediate environment.

Dependency: Appears when substance use compared to other behaviors subjectively considered by the subject as the most important priority is given. At present the drug use guides the behavior of the subject.

The agency has two dimensions:

  1. Physical: It merely refers to biological questions, since the body to adapt to the substance in question must have a specific blood level of a substance, or it may not function normally.
  2. Psychological: Refers to the mood that surrounds the drug and the urgent need to consume them for well. The compulsion to consume a particular drug for a pleasant affective state is an example of this dimension of dependence.

While physical dependence is relatively easy to overcome after a certain period of detoxification, psychological is more difficult to neutralize, due among other reasons to stimuli that elicit this behavior, such as certain companies, an unpleasant mood or concrete moment of their daily lives.

Types of chemical addictions:

  • Marijuana Addiction
  • Snuff Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcoholism

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