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Constipation Harms Causes and Treatment

Constipation Harms Causes and Treatment

Constipation is a very common disease that must be treated and, therefore, prevented. It is unhealthy and, become chronic, it can actually be dangerous. To not drive all that stuff you do not need, our body is sick just because our gut is overloaded with toxins and cannot perform its functions. It can cause us other ailments. Other issues that will no doubt further aggravate our state.

Constipation, such frequent ailment

Almost all of us have suffered from constipation at some time, maybe even too often. Days or even weeks that we cannot go to the bathroom normally. Being able to evacuate without suffering and regularly is not something that all people can get, which is why in recent years, the pharmaceutical industry regarding this problem has grown so remarkable.

Are you one of those people who usually resort to medication precisely to “go potty”? Sometimes, it is true, we have no choice, but is generally not recommended. Ideally change our eating habits and behavior, where, slowly, our bodies will regulate.

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of fiber, inadequate food and drinking liquids are definitely a few key factors that determine the occurrence of constipation. And watch is precisely the women most likely to suffer it. Basically by its constitution or by a body which is easier to have this type of common problem.

We must also explain that the process of “evacuation” is different from person to person. Not all the food digest likewise costs us some more and others less. Hence, on average, than normal is going once a day, and do it normally, without pain and without effort. But we know, it is not always the case.

Constipation, when I know I am suffering?

Present or even less, about three weekly bowel movements

There are times when these deposits are either liquid or very strong.

We must make every effort, at least 10 or 15 minutes.

We are very swollen, heavy, with gases and very bulging abdomen.

Sometimes we feel headache.

If this condition is extended for 3 months, we speak of chronic constipation.

When it can be dangerous constipation?


You know that constipation itself is not healthy and that, without a doubt, we must prevent it. Please note that not all that expel foreign matter that the body does not need it, just sick. Our gut will be resentful; the level of toxins is so high that we cannot properly absorb nutrients from food. It’s a risk.

Suffer once a month or every two months may be normal. But if it becomes chronic, you should be alert to these symptoms that can begin to be worrying and, without doubt, must to inform your doctor.

When you start to feel strong and intestinal cramps, and suffer a lot to go to the bathroom, even vomiting.

When you spend almost 7 days without going to the bathroom without drugs give us a result.

You should see a doctor immediately when you see blood in your stool.

Dangerous as well when we times where constipation alternating with diarrhea suffers.

Look at the shape of your stool. If you are very thin tell the doctor, it is not healthy.

Take care not to lose weight inexplicably. It is straightforward that something happens in your body; you’re missing nutrients and health symptoms. Be careful.

An added risk to constipation is the risk of ending suffering hemorrhoids. Continued efforts may end up damaging the intestine. By the time you see an abnormality in the year; when you see a trail of blood, see your doctor.

Simple guidelines to prevent constipation

Aloe Vera

  1. Move a little more. Daily half an hour movement stimulates the intestinal transit and active body. It costs you nothing and can do much for you.
  2. Morning aloe Vera juice with lemon or kiwi. Mix warm water with a tablespoon of aloe Vera, it dissolves well and add the juice of half a lemon. You can toggle it by mixing it with liquefied two kiwis.
  3. A bowl of papaya, walnuts and Greek yogurt. You can serve breakfast. You get fiber, vitamins and beneficial for the health of your gut bacteria.
  4. Oatmeal plums are also good in breakfast.
  5. Brown rice is perfect for your lunch. Whole rice and whole grain, such as black or red rice are excellent tonics, rich in fiber and antioxidants.
  6. Plenty of fluids, Water, juices … are perfect for going hydrated throughout the day, since they increase bowel movement and debugging. At least two liters a day.
  7. Eat little several times a day and never skip meals, especially your breakfast. You need to keep habits and routines where the body feed can be regulated. E also important not dines large quantities. A light, varied and balanced dinner allow us to fight against constipation.
  8. Yes to fruits and vegetables. You can prepare very attractive options for salads and even natural juices which combine vegetable and fruit.

Examples: spinach juice, melon and lime. Liquefied carrots, pineapple, watermelon and ginger. Drink watermelon, tomato and basil.

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