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Effective Tips of Teeth Whitening

Effective Tips of Teeth Whitening

Despite being a treatment that offers satisfactory results, it can lead to a number of complications for our dental health.

The procedure for whiter teeth can cause a number of consequences as hypersensitivity, enamel hypoplasia, premature wear, brittleness or injury to the gums.

Dental hypersensitivity: It is defined as an intense, transient pain caused by exposure of the inside of the tooth to some external stimulus, such as food or hot and cold beverages.

Enamel hypoplasia:  It makes teeth enamel have fewer than normal. This makes its surface very rough sometimes; enamel hypoplasia is shown as a distinct white spot on a tooth.

Premature wear:  The teeth subject to wear by the passage of time. This is normal and is called attrition; however, it may be as a result of bleaching. The most common symptoms are: increased transparency of the edge of the teeth, discoloration, short teeth or flattened.

Gingivitis: Gingivitis is due to the long-term effects of plaque deposits on the teeth causing cavities. Its appearance may be caused by this treatment. Symptoms include bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, swollen gums and shiny.

Long-term results

The duration of the results of tooth whitening cannot be guaranteed 100%. There are cases of regression presenting teeth whitened color after one year of treatment has been performed.

At times the process is not effective as the more recent has been fading, more effective and faster whitening is achieved. Otherwise, it may be ineffective.

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