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How to Get Slim Fast in 12 Easy Steps

Weight Loss Tips

Slim and Smart Body

Exercise occasionally fasting: A good alternative to lose stored fat, although it is not advisable to do more than twice a week. After exercise, take a healthy snack.

It Includes 7 vegetables in your daily diet: By eating more vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber increases satiety. The vegetables help you lose weight because it has very few calories and eliminate toxins from the body.

Take foods rich in tryptophan: oats, milk, sesame seeds are some of the foods rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps curb the urge to eat.

Take a yogurt a day: yogurt, among other benefits, prevents fat from accumulating. It also helps regulate the intestinal transit, avoiding such swelling.

Avoid sugar and pastries: Not only are high in calories and sugars but also preservatives. Better to take nuts, fruit or an energy bar.

Sugar substitutes in coffee Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an ally to lose weight because it helps regulate blood glucose levels, preventing them from becoming fat.

Lemon juice to wake up and dressings: Forget the salt and lemon chooses an ally to lose weight and to enhance the flavor of dishes. You can also use herbs (rosemary, cilantro …). Tip: drink a glass of water with lemon to get up and slows compulsive overeating as well as detoxify.

Chew an ice: The proposed diet ice arrival of United States of the hand of its creator, Dr. Brian Weiner, who intend to take cold food and ice to lower the body temperature, so that has to burn more calories to keep warm.

Take care sleep:Too little sleep alters appetite. According to different studies have found, a few hours sleep increases the production of leptin, a hormone that directly influences appetite making us eat more calorie foods also.

Do yoga or meditation exercises: Ideal for combating stress, an enemy of any diet.

Do not let exercise every day: any need macharse in the gym. If you do not have time to go, we can do something as simple as walking or doing simple exercises at home.

Start your day with breakfast: One of the most common mistakes people make appetite before your next meal is uncontrollable, besides making consume more calories throughout the day. Weight Watching, start by eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

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