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How to Relax the Back Muscles Quickly

How to Relax the Back Muscles Quickly

When prolonged sitting or standing, bad posture habits stress or lack of exercise causes much stress is accumulated in the back and so upset that pain in the muscles of the back zone appears.

Exercise is a good way to remove the tension, mobilizing muscles and relaxing the back area. Next we will see a series of exercises that will help us get up and stretch those muscles that we have the tension that cause pain.

Exercise 1

Lying supine position (face up) with your back flat on the floor took a knee to the chest and keeps the other leg stretched on the floor. We held the position for about 15 seconds and change leg. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. If necessary, use your hands to hold the knee close to the chest to hold the position.

Exercise 2

In the same starting position as the previous exercise bring both knees to the chest and arms helping push against the chest about 5 seconds, then hold this position without pressing another 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times and take a slow and quiet breathing.

Exercise 3

Face-up placement of feet on a chair or the like maintaining an angle of 90 grams with the knee and hip. Make sure your back is supported and not arched over the floor and hold the position 5 minutes. This exercise will help us to relax the muscles of the back as they are not supporting our own weight.

Exercise 4

Bend knees and press his back to the floor for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times making sure the breathing is smooth and fluid. Pressing his back against the floor as we notice the entire back is supported.

This exercise is called “the cat“, as in quadruped position flexes and stretches back muscles to contract (to extend) and then relax it and stretch it (flexion)

We hope these simple exercises will be useful to get rid of that annoying back pain caused by a buildup of tension that supports the day. Of course it is much better if these exercises are performed with a mat underneath.

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