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Major Reasons of Smoking Addiction

Reasons of Smoking

Ever you ever wondered why people smoke (if passive smoking) or why you started smoking (if active smoking)? Smoking affects everyone at different levels, and of course it’s important that we be informed about addiction, WHO has declared that it is the first cause of premature death worldwide.

Many researchers have discussed the reasons why people start smoking and most results lie in the psychological realm, it has been found that people smoke for different motivators. When they are teens smoke by the desire to look more adult and search for “status”, the new experience, curiosity and smoking among adults to reduce tension, addiction or sociability.


Anyone who starts using snuff can become addicted to nicotine. Studies show that it is more likely that smoking becomes a habit in adolescence. The younger a person starts smoking the more likely they are to become addicted to nicotine. According to the 2012 report of the American Cancer Society very few people start smoking after 25 years. Almost 9 out of 10 adult smokers began at age 18, and 99% started at age 26.

According to this organization, the announcements of the tobacco industry and the promotion of its products are a great influence for smokers and nonsmokers. The tobacco industry spends many dollars every year to create ads that show consumption market snuff as exciting, glamorous and safe. Added to this, people have other personal reasons for smoking. Among them are those listed by the Organization of Cancer Research UK?

Smoking Rate

People smoke to relax: They use snuff as emotional support when things go wrong or just because they like the taste of cigarettes.At the end of their working day sitting to smoke with a coffee or a drink. They smoke when they need a break or a moment to themselves, when they are concerned about household expenses or personal problems.

To socialize: You enjoy smoking with others as a shared activity, “give value” with cigar and initiate conversations with new people, feel they are more confident and in control.

For physical addiction: Research indicates that nicotine causes a physical addiction. Nine out of ten people who start smoking, they end up becoming smokers. Not all smokers have a physical addiction, but the more you smoke, the greater the risk of becoming dependent on the drug called nicotine. To be encouraged: smoke to improve their mood, they find that a cigarette helps them continue their routine when they worked on something for a long time or giving them encouragement when they get bored. By habit.Sometimes light a cigarette when they already have one on, you light up automatically whenever you read or answer the phone, or when you drink coffee or performing routine office work. These are some of the many reasons why people smoke and apart from these reasons, the figures are alarming. Did you know that approximately every six seconds a person dies because of snuff? This represents one in 10 adult deaths.

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