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Top 10 Best Steps for Long Hair

Top 10 Best Steps for Long HairTake this as breakfast: a yogurt you take a tablespoon of soy lecithin, a tablespoon of wheat germ, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, mix all ingredients with yogurt and take it daily, one week see how your hair grows very fast and forceful !.

Buy at the pharmacy a box of birth control pills (for those with the most amount of hormones), and those pills pikes to make dust and throw in your regular shampoo and brush head as always, when you spend pot shampoo do the same operation on the other again, you will notice that your hair becomes stronger and grows much faster!.

Mix 5-7 drops of essential oil of rosemary shampoo to strengthen hair and stimulate growth, for split ends can use Argan oil, coconut, sweet almond, grape seed, olive, wheat germ , castor, etc … apart from throw in the shampoo can also echártelo directly at the tips, (not at all because it would grease his hair too and exchange the pH of it and this would be fatal !, if you have severely damaged can put the oil throughout the hair less in the scalp or the root of your hair).

Once a week please check your hair with this mask: egg, olive oil and honey (the amount depends on how long you have your hair). Apply it to the hair (but not wear it on the scalp or root, massage your hair well with her to allow penetration (the time that you leave it depends on the time you have and how badly damaged your hair, if you have slightly damaged with 20 or 30 minutes be enough, if you have very damaged so and miss in these situations has been lend to me putting a whole day I knew there was going out and taking advantage of this I’ve put the mask), when you consider that You owe you remove, wash your hair and rinse it well, this hair mask nourishes and repairs, when you try it you’ll realize how leaves your hair nourished, strong and bright !.

Seize the potato cooking water (for which you are from countries such as America, potatoes) to rinse your hair with it after you wash it.

Use rosemary oil organically miss (I like what I provide, and I do it for me, and if someone asks me what custom too), to give massages in the hairy leather every time you can, (this will activate blood circulation that comes to your head and make you grow hair!), you can also echártelo throughout the hair, especially at the tips to hydrate. (Take as little as possible to the scalp, only the essentials to massage it, because otherwise you can change your ph and that would be unwise!), If you have very dry hair so if you can lend more of it a bit when massaging leather to nourish hair, but it’s never good to abuse !.

Chop half red onion, four cloves of garlic and two cinnamon sticks. Boil all in a pot for fifteen minutes and then rinse your hair with this infusion for 3 days.

Cut several sheets of aloe Vera into pieces and leave them in water overnight to loosen the slime, use the resultant as a mask for the hair, leaving it as long as possible and then washing as usual.

At night before bedtime become a braid and sleeps through the night with her. The braid should not be so tight check, and finally put a rubber band on the tip to collect from those who do not cut or break the hair). The art of braiding hair is ancestral to sleep!It comes from very ancient times and was passed from generation to generation, all the witches know him, and they know the Power of Three!

Add your regular shampoo a cut in strips onion (and not slip out of shampoo, however if you have this problem, put the cap a piece of gauze (of which you find in any pharmacy), and tie it with a rubber band (so no longer will any of the content), some fresh sprigs of rosemary in bloom and a fresh sprigs of thyme in bloom (but have also served fresh dry, but you better if fresh), this let macerate for 15 days, and then we can use your usual shampoo (the onion has a lot of sulfur and helps hair grow outrageous !, rosemary makes it grow strong, healthy, gives shine, removes dandruff, fat , etc., and thyme cleanses and refreshes the scalp, so the combination of the three is a bomb!). And for those who think, buff me the horrible smell hair with onion!, (I assure you it does not smell after you wash and put on your air conditioner and / or mask as usual, all you’re going to smell of onions while you wash it, but I guarantee that when you see him healthy, strong, shiny and how much you grow you hair You not fail to use this remedy!..

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