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Water Benefits for Health and Fitness

Water Benefits for Health and Fitness

We must adapt our water intake physical activity. To increase our fluid intake we can choose foods high in water or natural juices, without adding sugar

Surely you’ve read and heard so many times that “you should drink 8 glass of water per day.” That statement can be very good … If you liked to drink water! So how do you act?

How you can replace and still meet that recommendation? This article will help you to replace the fluids water hydrate you and bring their benefits.

Why is it important to drink water?

It is not a whim or that parrots repeating that water are good for health. Several studies have shown that 8 glasses a day serve to detoxify the body, preventing the accumulation of fluids and hydrate the cells and organs.

We drink coffee, soda or alcohol may serve the same function as the water, but that is not true. This fluid is vital for our body because it prevents dehydration and helps you lose weight.

We often think that our appetite when, in fact, we are thirsty. If you make sure to drink enough to date you will not eat as much and you will not feel weak or lacking energy.

It is advisable to consume the liquid before being thirsty because when this happens the body is already in some degree of dehydration. That is it is a little late (but surely, as the popular saying).

If you’re dieting and exercise to lose weight you should drink water to help the fat comes off the body and to remove all toxins through urine. The same if you suffer from fluid accumulation in the legs and ankles.

When the amount of water consumed must be increased sport is performed. A liter per hour of exercise is stipulated. Therefore, that day has not drinking 3 and 2 liters.

But … what if I do not like water?

All very nice.You know the benefits of drinking water daily and all the liquid has properties for the body. But nor can it force you to consume.

You forget or do not catch your eye transparent and nothing like this liquid. You prefer to eat something else. Although not “count” in the amount of 2 liters.Some habits that can help you meet your 8 glasses of water a day are:

Bring a water bottle everywhere.

Put a bowl of water in sight (e.g. on the desktop).

Drink a glass of water just gets up.

Consume a glass before and one after each meal.

Fill the glass to the top and drink it at once.

Record the number of vessels that carry drinking.

Bring water to the bedside.

Serve this drink on the table at meal time (instead of soda or juice).

Buy bottled water rather than anything else.

Do not forget the water each time you exercise.

Increase fluid intake during hot weather or are on the road in summer.

Do not think that in winter intake must be less or no.

Ponte alarms in the phone will be reminded that you must drink water.

Add a slice of lemon or orange or mint leaves in the glass to improve the taste.

Options to replace the water “alone”

There is no case. Nothing you do helps you to drink water. But you do not give up. There are very good substitutes! Among them, we highlight three:


We recommend that you prepare in quantity and drink throughout the day. You can, for example, make a green tea, chamomile or one of one of red fruits and package them in a water bottle.

There are many cold tea bags or you can also throw a few ice cubes.If not hot to drink hot tea reached. Remember that you cannot sweeten or with sugar or honey. You can add Stevia or a squeeze of lemon.


It must be very careful here. We tend to believe that drinking juice can or bottle we bought at the market gives us the liquid we need. This is a half truth.

Why? Because although they have water and we can help quench the thirst, also they contain sugars, additives, preservatives and fruit extracts. They do not have “real” fruit.

Therefore, it would be good if you prepare by yourself juices. You can just squeeze an orange or a grapefruit and drinking. Smoothies are also very rich and effective (but do not add them milk or any solid foods, such as almonds or raisins).


What if you consume a fruit full of water inside? It’s the same as drinking, but with more gusto! In addition, you will be providing a lot of nutrients, or fill your appetite and help you eat more healthfully.

Do not forget that you must eat them raw and alone (uncooked or add sugar, cream, chocolate, etc.). Perfect for a rich multicolored fruit salad!

Recreational fruits with more water in their composition are:











Additional information: Vegetables with high water content.

Between them:






Eggplant (you can eat raw)



You can make a lot of recipes with these ingredients. If you would like to eat them cooked, we recommend you do steam to maintain their nutrients.

You can check the percentage of water that each one to see how much you drink at the end of the day.

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