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10 benefits of fast walking that increase life expectancy

Take note because you may not be aware of what it may mean for your health to walk at a brisk pace. And is that, according to various studies, among which we can find the one carried out by the University of Sydney (Australia) and published in the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine’, walking fast brings innumerable benefits to your health.

In fact, this habit of healthy living, which you should already incorporate into your routine if you have not done it, is a comfortable and simple way to play sports without being subjected to great efforts. That is why health professionals always recommend that we walk, either quickly or slowly, and abandon a sedentary lifestyle, one of the risk factors with which we live.

10 benefits of fast walking

So, read carefully because we are sure you did not imagine that walking fast could bring you so many satisfactions:

1. Improves muscle response.

2. Increase calorie consumption.

3. It facilitates weight control.

4. Activates cardiac circulation.

5. Decrease cholesterol levels.

6. Decrease glucose levels.

7. It contributes to the control of blood pressure.

8. Improves respiratory function.

9. Improves intestinal function.

10. Improves sexual function.

Improves life expectancy

Indeed, because of the above, walking quickly has an impact on our life expectancy since it is directly related to various risk factors. Thus, walking at an intermediate pace is associated with a reduction in mortality of 20 percent, while rapid walking reduces the risk to 24 percent. The ideal speed to achieve the maximum effect on health would be equivalent to traveling every kilometer between 8.5 and 12 minutes. Are you really going to continue without moving?

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