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10 Benefits of Sugar for Health

10 Benefits of Sugar for Health

It is scientifically proven that both children and adults need a minimum dose of glucose in the body, it does not hurt anyone and that, however, can provide a range of benefits to the body.

  1.  It helps keep the brain awake so you can work with greater concentration.
  2. During infancy consumption (moderate) sugar is very important because this ingredient plays a fundamental role in tissue development.
  3. Its consumption is vital because it allows replenish glycogen stores, and muscle and liver, also increased to not have health problems because of their lack.
  4. During the growth of the person providing the nutrients needed for a perfect physical and mental development, getting to be more resilient in the activities that require more physical effort.
  5. Consuming sugar enables the assimilation of one of the basic components in our diet, protein, more effective.
  6. It is essential to nourish the nervous system, that is, prevent them from being disrupted and nervous breakdowns.
  7. Fresh is the first taste we tested at birth and is present in breast milk. Instinctively we associate the taste with mothers and is the first nutrient that enters our body, so damaging is clearly no.
  8. Its deficiency increases appetite and causes anxiety on the scene, which looks quite good on strict diets. Use a daily dose of glucose, either in baking or fruit, allow increasingly better let us that controlling anxiety.
  9. Help to sleep thanks to its relaxing effect. In fact, many doctors prescribe more natural remedy as a dose of sugar before bedtime to avoid falling into insomnia.
  10. The sugar serves blood, liver and brain cells. It has many fronts to cover for proper blood circulation and functioning of the body, so we can not deny a fair daily dosage.

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