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10 Benefits of Walking Daily in the Morning

10 Benefits of Walking Daily in the Morning

Walking is a great form of exercise. As is natural for us, it is easier to start an exercise routine with a brisk walk instead of jogging or other strenuous physical activity.

Having said that, just wandering is not enough to help burn excess calories. Brisk walking exercise helps the muscles and requires more energy, thus burning more calories. Best of all is that you can include gradually into the daily routine and can increase the tempo but make us uncomfortable. Walking is a gentle introduction to the world of fitness.

Every individual is unique and so is the walking style of each person. The average rate of motion of a person depends on many things. Age, fitness level, gender and even the height and weight contribute to the rapidity with which a person can walk. In very general terms, normal walking speed of a human being is 3-4 miles per hour. Women can walk at a slightly slower pace, depending on the height and build of the individual. As you age, the speed decreases. The rate at which seniors can walk can be between 2.5 to 3 miles per hour.Also, as people age, the chances of suffering from diseases increases. Therefore, exercise every day and eat right is vital.

10 Health Benefits

 It Strengthens the Heart: Regular walking reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It reduces the levels of LDL (bad) and raises HDL (good cholesterol) and also keep blood pressure under control. Anything that increases the heart rate and promotes blood pumping is an exercise for the heart and circulatory system. Brisk walking for 30 minutes can help prevent and control high blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular events by up to 27 percent.

Reduce the Risk of Disease: Walking can also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, asthma and certain cancers by up to 60 percent. Those who maintain a moderate level of activity have about a 20 percent lower risk of developing colon, breast and uterine cancer.

 Maintains Weight Under Control: Those who are trying to lose weight need to burn about 500 calories a day above consuming. A person weighing 60 kg can burn 75 calories, just walking at 2 mph for 30 minutes. If you increase your speed to 3 mph will burn 99 calories. Accelerating a little more at a brisk walk (4 mph), it will burn 150 calories. Walking also increases the mass and muscle tone and the more muscle mass you have faster metabolism – and the faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn, even at times of rest.

 Prevent Dementia:I helps prevent dementia affects 1 in 14 people over 65 and 1 in 6 older than 80. It is known that regular exercise reduces the risk of dementia by 40 percent. Older people who walk six miles or more a week can prevent brain shrinkage and so preserve the memory as the years pass.

Prevent Osteoporosis: To some extent, walking activity counts as one load (the weight). It stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing bone density – very important especially for women. It also helps to maintain joint health by helping prevent diseases such as arthritis.

 Tones Legs, Buttocks and Abdominal:A good walk can help strengthen and shape the legs, giving definition to the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings and lifting the buttocks. Now if you really pay attention to posture while walking, you can also tone your abs and whittle your waist.

 Tones Arms:Walking speed comes from the arms. To make the best use you must keep at a comfortable level, bent at the elbow and move backward and forward in walking. It allows us to move faster up the pace automatically. This movement tones the arms, shoulders and back.

 Increase Level of Vitamin D: Walk daylight, increases levels of vitamin D in the body – a difficult nutrient to get from food, but can be synthesized through exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D plays an important role in many aspects from bone health to the health of the immune system. While it is true that protect from sunlight is important, experts agree that exposing skin to the sun, but often without burning, help produce enough vitamin D.

Increase Energy Level: It increases levels of energy may seem a paradox but a good walk is one of the best natural energizers that we have available. Walking increases circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to every cell in the body, helping you feel more alert and alive. It also releases the joint stiffness and relieves muscle tension. Energy slumps after lunch are fought much better with a walk instead of sitting at a desk drinking coffee.

Welfare increases levels of exercise capacity to improve mood is indisputable. Studies have shown that regular exercise of moderate intensity (such as brisk walking) is as effective as antidepressants in mild to moderate cases of depression because it releases endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety. Meeting friends to walk and talk is also an excellent way to banish feelings of isolation and loneliness. For greater benefits, walk outdoors.


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