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10 Best foods for the Health of Liver

10 Best foods for the Health of Liver

We must be careful about what we eat. You know that “we are all what we eat” but, in fact, rarely are fully aware of how much damage we do certain things, certain drinks and dishes loaded with fat and refined flour that our liver cannot process properly.

Such habits, if sustained over a long time, just bring bad consequences.

  1. Lemons

Lemon is a natural treasure of vitamin C, a perfect item to help the liver to clean toxic materials thus improving the digestion process. This fact is curious. Lemon has very similar components to our own digestive juices, which helps directly to the liver to perform their functions, eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. Lemon juice also is a great ally to strengthen the liver and to regulate the levels of carbohydrates in the blood enzymes. Fabulous!

  1. Turmeric

If you have turmeric at home then feel free to combine them into your dishes or even make healthy tea with a little honey. This spice is perfect to digest fats and stimulate the production of bile. In addition, it is very useful to help detoxify this important organ in our body.

  1. Nuts

One of the best benefits for our health nuts is that they are high in glutathione and omega-3, two essential elements that facilitate the liver to perform its tasks detoxification and cleaning.

  1. Garlic

If you usually take a clove of garlic on an empty stomach with a glass of water then you will be doing a lot for your health and your liver.

Garlic helps the liver to activate enzymes to remove toxins and heavy metals. Garlic also has two elements like allicin and selenium, which allows you to optimize your cleaning functions and synthesis of enzymes.

  1. The grapefruit

Another fruit perfect to start the day. If we get used to drink grapefruit juice in the morning, we debugged our body and strengthen our liver due to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

  1. Avocados

Do not hesitate, consume half avocado a day is very healthy and suitable to take care of your liver. This is due, above all, one of the best antioxidants that exist, glutathione, a vital element for the liver can purge all those harmful elements do not need.

  1. Cruciferous vegetables

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower are vegetables rich in vitamins, proteins and organic compounds such as glucosinolates, which facilitate our digestion and strengthen the liver. They are wonderful vegetables; do not hesitate to eat them twice a week!

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is rich in a type of antioxidants and can help the liver to fulfill their core functions. Indeed, if you take green tea daily you will get the always healthy “catechins”, perfect to take care of this vital organ.

  1. The best vegetable oils

There are various types of oil that care for our liver health in a very appropriate way. They take note of which are:

  • Organic cold pressed oils, such as olive oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Seed oil

These types of oils are very suitable because they provide a very healthy liver lipid base to purge toxins and prevent toxic overload. Now it is important not to overdo consumption. Take it in moderation, accompanying them in your salads or your meals.

As a suggestion, we recommend fasting take one tablespoon of olive oil with two drops of lemon juice. It is a medicinal remedy for the health of your liver worth following, at least for 7 days straight month.

  1. Apples

Remember, few things are as healthy as putting an apple in our bag and eat at noon, just when we “assaults” that hunger before lunch. However, remember to consume with skin, since it is here that pectin, a wonderful chemical compound for the liver purge toxins and also to facilitate our digestions and take care of our heart is.

So, now you know, these are the favorite foods of our liver. Do not hesitate to consume daily will help you have a better quality of life and to have adequate liver health.

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