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10 Best Tips for Digestive Health Care

It is known that many people have digestive problems and that among the most common is constipation. Since a proper lifestyle is the first step to keep the digestive wellness, today we bring 10 tips for digestive health care without recourse to miraculous resources, just watching our habits:
Getting enough fiber daily, for which it is advisable to consume fresh fruits with skin, whole grains and raw vegetables and legumes that help introduce more fiber to the diet.
Ingesting fermented milk with probiotics daily that promote intestinal transit and also reduce bloating to contribute to the functioning of the digestive system.
Drinking enough water daily or replacement, tea and soft wines, avoiding stimulating drinks and sugary carbonated drinks that can add digestive discomfort.
Preferring gentle cooking such as steamed baked, avoiding fats, sauces and very spicy cooking complicating the digestive process.
Moderate consumption of flatulent food or forming gases such as cabbage, artichoke or foods with sorbitol as gum and candy. Do not you eradicate your diet, simply consume them in moderation.
Perform daily physical activity to promote intestinal transit, improving digestions and release stress can also cause digestive discomfort.
Splits a diet and maintain regular schedules for meals, in order to avoid heavy meals after a long period of fasting.
Try going to the bathroom always at the same time, unhurried and relaxed and intimate.
Avoid excess sugars and sweets and fatty foods and irritating. Also avoid snuff and alcohol.
Avoid using laxatives that can irritate the gut and impair away to help avoid digestive discomfort.
As you can see, with these 10 tips you can care digestive health just being aware of our habits, without resorting to drugs or other miraculous strategies that can do more harm than collaborate with our digestive process.

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