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10 Easy Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

If we compare the blood circulation to the movement of our roads we could say that there are three key players. Blood as a vehicle, the heart, the vehicle engine, and blood vessels that would roads. To keep in optimum conditions the movement we have to pay attention to the health of these three protagonists from prevention and treatment.
1. “Whoever moves the legs, moves the heart” in this maxim play out one of the main tips for optimal circulatory health physical exercise consistently and adequately to the age and condition of each person. Walking 45 minutes a day is considered an ideal activity.
2. Keep a correct weight: Obesity and overweight submitted to the body in general and circulatory system particularly highly negative influences.
3. Keep cholesterol and Sugar level adequate dietary guidelines and food supplements that accelerate and improve that control.
4. Control high blood pressure by reducing the salt content in sodium and increasing potassium intake (bananas, avocados …)
5. Reduce intake of saturated fat, sausage, red meat, fried foods, cheeses, butters and margarines, trans fats in bakery products, ready meals, and so on present in virtually all industrial power.
6. Increase consumption of plant foods like fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils (olive, sesame, sunflower …), grains, seeds, nuts, algae, highly desirable that come from organic production.
7. Increasing fiber in our diet with whole foods, as well as wheat bran or oatmeal. Fiber prevents constipation while helps remove cholesterol. Constipation increases the risk of varicose veins while the return circulation difficult.
8. Monitor the degree of stress, Anxiety and other nervous disturbances, given its implications for cardiovascular level.
9. Alcohol and snuff banish is lethal for our body. The tight clothing also hinders circulation, especially peripheral, we avoid it whenever possible.
10. Food supplements and herbal supplements: For the effectiveness of the above mentioned is greater and more lasting can supplement with vitamin C and bioflavonoids that improve vascular health by strengthening the walls of blood vessels.
Garlic, for its vasodilatory properties, is a great ally of good circulation. Among the medicinal plants deserves special mention Ginkgo Biloba for its ability to thin the blood (anticoagulant) and its vasodilator effect. Also noteworthy are the red vine, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, green nettle, bilberry, yarrow, rosemary. Olive and hawthorn are recommended by their regulatory activity of stress. Finally supplements are highly concentrated omega 3 of a effectiveness in improving blood circulation.

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