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10 Expert Tips to Quit Smoking Successfully

10 Expert Tips to Quit Smoking Successfully

In this article, our expert doctors in smoking cessation present you with 10 fundamental tips to stop smoking successfully. These are a number of methods to stop smoking that we believe are essential to understand how to stop smoking once and for all.

  1. Set a date to smoke your last cigar 

Mentalize yourself: there are no tricks to stop smoking. You should set a date when you tell yourself “I want to quit” and meet it. Many more people have stopped smoking suddenly than by making reductions, which in the long run do not work. Think about your previous attempts and the best methods that worked well for you and those that did not ..

  1. Change your routine to end up “cheating” your smoking addiction

Recover all those activities that you like and have forgotten. This is a good time to surprise yourself. Turn off the urge to smoke. Plan something nice every day.

  1. Do not look for excuses to leave

Any day is a good day to quit, not only for your health, also for your family … and your pocket.

  1. Do not smoke any more cigarettes

For a cigarette or even a shed falls, is the beginning of a great “friendship.” “For a cigarette nothing happens” should be “for a cigarette it sure falls” ..

5 Think positively: “I want to quit smoking”

One of the best methods to stop smoking is noting the advantages, not only the physical ones, that are sure to be found from the beginning. Seek support in your family, friends and co-workers.

6 Exercise. Stay active

It is not necessary to do an Olympic marathon. Sport is one of the examples of how to stop smoking can help you in your life. Any small activity is a step to stop smoking: it will relax you, help you control the weight and, above all, will highlight the physical improvements to quit smoking. Just do not take the car when you can walk, the stairs instead of the elevator …

7 Drink lots of fluids

Drinking is one of the best methods of smoking cessation tips. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day as the body needs to hydrate. Try different tastes. Avoid alcohol.

8 Control what you eat

Avoid greasy foods and if you need to snack, vegetables are your best allies. Under proper control, the person who quits smoking should not gain weight.

9 Think about the day to day, not the never again

Think: “I do not smoke today.” This is your main goal when you want to avoid smoking a cigarette and being without smoking today. You know you can do it.

10 Take advantage of the professional help that is being given to you

Ask health professionals how to stop smoking. The different professionals who can help you will do everything possible to stop smoking is a positive experience. Aromatherapy inhalers and other aids are suggested but consult your doctor first before using any aid to quit smoking.

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