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10 Folk Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

10 Folk Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

When performing foot massage it is very important to be careful and if you do not have experience, go to a specialist to not worsen the condition.

One of the main causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This is a very annoying condition that occurs when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed due to an overload or stretching.

This connective tissue extends along the bottom of the foot and is responsible for binding the heel bone to the fingers.

Swelling affects both men and women, although it is more common among runners and walkers.

Inflammation is the main symptom, but is often accompanied by intense pain and stiffness that hinders walking motion.

The disease usually more intense during the morning and in most cases affects only one foot.

Luckily, there are a number of natural remedies that mitigate discomfort while accelerating the recovery of the affected area. Here we share the top 10 not to hesitate to try them at home.


By taking a few minutes of rest you can feel a slight sense of relief at the foot affected by plantar fasciitis; however, this is not the best way to alleviate the root and can sometimes worsen the condition.

Stretching exercises help you work the feet and lower leg muscles to effectively control the heel pain. They are also useful in reducing inflammation and other discomfort that impede movement.


A therapeutic massage is well conducted against inflammation and pain, as they stimulate circulation and release tension.

The fingertips can make a slight pressure on the affected area, if possible, with a little coconut essential oil or sesame oil.

It is also relaxing to use an electrical device to massage, although this is usually more difficult to achieve.


This remedy is important to clarify that does not have the same effect in all cases. Some have had great results, while others have had to use other alternatives.

It involves wrapping the affected foot in aluminum foil and this put a sock. Overnight is allowed and repeated the next day.

4.Hot Compress

Local application of heat has been shown to have incredible anti-inflammatory to relieve stress and pain.

In this case we propose fill a linen bag with salt and heat in the oven. Once it is at a bearable temperature, it is left in the affected area until cool.

5.Cold compress

Cold therapy is another useful to reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort caused by fascitis alternative.

The first option is based on ice cubes wrapped in a towel or cloth and then apply to the affected area.

You can also freeze a bottle and, once ready, it is rolled into the painful part.

6.Epsom Salts

The soothing properties of Epsom salts are very good to speed healing of muscles and connective tissues involved.

You just have to add them in a tub of warm water in which the feet are then immersed for 15 or 20 minutes.


The active agent in turmeric, curcumin, has analgesic properties that can reduce the symptoms caused by stress and inflammation.

In this case you can be applied topically or you can also prepare a tea by mixing water with a little honey.


Ginger root is very versatile and can be utilized both in gastronomy as a medicinal level. Its active compounds give a strong anti-inflammatory action that serves to lessen the symptoms of the problems that compromise joints and other body tissues.

To this end a cup of infusion of the root is consumed, but can also be applied topically with cloths or bathrooms.

9.Apple cider vinegar

The medicinal properties of this natural ingredient are good for pain and inflammation plant that keeps walking as usual.

The most convenient option is to add half a cup to use the product in a tub of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.


The consumption of this spice supports the treatment of this condition because it has an active agent called capsaicin, which acts as a powerful natural analgesic, reducing stiffness and muscle tension.

All these remedies help combat this condition without having to resort to other drugs; however, if the condition persists, it is best to consult a doctor to determine a possible cause.

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