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10 Foods that Contain More Calcium

10 Foods that Contain More Calcium

To have strong bones and teeth, maintain and give structure to our body during our life to old age, you need to consume foods rich in calcium, which is one of the most important minerals for the welfare of the human body, its consumption is associated the retardation of osteoporosis and other diseases.

The body also needs calcium to move the muscles and nerves transmit messages from the brain to different parts of the body. In addition, calcium helps blood flow through blood vessels throughout the body and release hormones and enzymes that affect almost all body functions.

Research of National Institutes of Health Shows, the daily amount of calcium you need depends on your age. On average, adults between 19 and 50 years old need 1,000 grams of calcium daily.

Many factors influence the amount of calcium as age; the efficiency of calcium absorption decreases as age increases. People over 70 years of age higher amounts of calcium are recommended.

The consumption of vitamin D present in some foods and produced by the body by exposing the skin to sunlight, increases absorption of calcium. There are other factors that influence the amount of calcium that the body eliminates through urine, feces and sweat.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, inadequate calcium intake is associated worldwide with various medical problems such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, obesity and colon cancer.

Food Source of Calcium

Calcium is present in many foods. You can get the recommended amounts by consuming 10 food source of calcium. Discover the list of the 10 foods with calcium:

  1. Milk, yogurt and cheese are the main sources of calcium for most people.
  2. Kale, broccoli and Chinese cabbage are good sources of calcium from plants.
  3. The fish with soft edible bones such as sardines and canned salmon are good sources of calcium from animal origin.
  4. Sardines when canned with the spine may contain 200 to 250 mg calcium, this is because during the heat treatment to which it is subjected, canned spine softens and this calcium passes spinal meat.
  5. Soy milk and rice are obtained from the grinding and cooking of the grains. 3 cups of soy milk provide about 800 mg of calcium.
  6. Tofu is low in calories and cholesterol-free food that provides calcium in the case of vegetarian diets.
  7. Orange juice is another beverage that provides large amounts of calcium; a cup provides 300 mg of calcium.
  1. Spinach and all green vegetables. One cup of cooked spinach is equivalent to 200 mg of calcium.
  2. The egg is another staple of most diets in the world, is a food that contains calcium, mainly in its shell.
  1. Other foods like chocolate cookies contain calcium

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