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10 Foods that will Help you Maintain Healthy Vagina

10 Foods that will help you maintain Healthy Vagina

Believe it or not, food is one of the key to fighting vaginal infections and maintains the pH balance of the area factors.

Taking care of the intimate area of ​​women is essential to prevent the development of infections, irritation or alteration in its natural pH.

Being a sensitive area is important to pay attention in all possible ways, with emphasis on hygiene and the type of food.

Although many do not know it, the nutrients are absorbed by certain foods involved in the regulation of the flora that houses beneficial bacteria, responsible for combating those pathogens that are harmful.

In this sense, there are special foods that can help maintain your proper condition to avoid discomfort and unpleasant odors. Would you like to know?


As simple as taking a good amount of water daily. This essential nutrient for life is the best way to hydrate the body and support body functions.

Its daily consumption is very good to keep the cervical mucus and facilitate lubrication of the area; It also maintains the pH regulated to prevent these unwanted odors.

Natural yogurt

Bacterial infections attack more often the private parts of women because the plant tends to be altered easily in response to inappropriate environments.

Daily consumption of yogurt, and even direct application in the area, gives natural probiotics that are essential to restore the vaginal pH balance.

Cranberry Juice

The richness in antioxidants that provide cranberries makes them a protective health food.

These fight free radicals and have the ability to stimulate the elimination of toxins that create disease.

In the case of V, the natural pH stabilizes and strengthens the immune response against viruses that cause infections throughout the urinary system.


This food is very low in calories, supports healthy diet and is also the vaginal area. Nutrients increase the production of natural lubricant and retain the right environment for the pH balance.


This popular medicinal bulb is a great protector against infections and disorders of the vagina, as it has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.

Eat it raw is the most appropriate way of absorbing its qualities, especially when you want to fight any condition.


Quinoa is a plant source of protein that improves physical performance in all kinds of physical activities, including sex.

His significant contributions magnesium, phosphorus and manganese act on the vaginal area to eliminate dryness.

Chia seeds

Fiber and essential fatty acids help eliminate waste substances lodged in the colon to unbalance the environment in which bacteria such as Candida, responsible for much of vaginal infections proliferate.


Spinach is versatile, medicinal and have many nutrients involved in various tasks in the body.

Noted for their content:



Vitamins A, C, E, K and B6


Minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium

These essential substances prevent infections and retain health to reduce vaginal dryness and odor.

Coconut flour

It is an alternative and healthy option that replaces those refined that often cause health problems when eaten frequently.

It contains enzymes and healthy fats that facilitate digestion while promoting the increase of good bacteria that protect the body from infections.


These delicious fruits calming hunger in a healthy way also contribute to alleviate and prevent drying of the vaginal area.

This benefit of its significant contribution to vitamin E, essential for proper lubrication

They are also rich in zinc, a mineral controlling menstrual regulating the activity of hormones cycles.

To account!

The consumption of these foods is an intimate support to maintain health, but they are not the only thing you can do.

Often infections and other alterations in the area are caused by the inappropriate use of some chemical, underwear too tight or poor hygiene.

It is crucial to review all these factors and seeks to provide the most appropriate possible. No waiting to attack viruses and bacteria: the time is now to care.

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