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10 Harms of new Technologies on Health

10 Harms of new Technologies on Health

No one can deny that new technologies are useful tools, plus entertainment for children and adults. But overuse can lead to serious health problems (cervical pathologies, visual stress, insomnia, deafness …) we can prevent with rules.

The technology is fashionable. Now approaching the Christmas season, the star gift are tablets, smartphones, laptops, game consoles … Although these technologies are already part of the lives of children and adults, we must know the implications of its use and abuse in terms of health.

  1. The finger Blackberry

Messages, social networks, email … Without realizing it, we spent hours typing on mobile. This habit can develop overloads at the base of thumb, which in turn can lead to the so-called “finger BlackBerry”, formerly known as osteoarthritis of the seamstresses.

Tip to avoid: Smartphones, to have a small size keyboard, they are not prepared to send long messages constantly, for this prolonged use mostly thumb injured frequently. To work, the better the tablet and better still resting on the table to type – even more uncomfortable.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

The mouse with which we work or play on the computer can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, an injury that until the arrival of new technologies only seen in older people. Sustained adoption of poor posture with wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, manifested through severe pain in the wrist and / or palm when it takes a long time on the computer.

Tip to avoid: Places the keyboard so that your arms are at right angles; your shoulders relaxed and your wrists is supported.

  1. Tennis elbow

Poor posture in our time of computer use can lead to tennis elbow, especially caused by misuse of the mouse. Maintain sustained wrist position raised upwards can cause rending in the wrist extensors.

Tip to avoid: Keep your back flat on the back, especially in the lower back and rest your wrists on the table.

  1. Cervical Damage

The generalization of laptops has increased cervical pathologies. Being able to work anywhere, fails ergonomics, and there are more problems in the cervical because the screen is not portable to eye level, but also tendinitis in the fingers, wrists and shoulders take wrong positions.

Tip to avoid: Make every day a series of exercises, such as rotating neck, wrists and shoulders (to relieve tension and eject). It will improve your posture and avoid bad habits that we acquire in our position on the computer screen and the way of settling on the worktable.

  1. Visual Stress

The time we spend in front of electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones and electronic books results in visual stress, making the eyes dry out much. If it is usually very close to the screen (both the computer and television) can develop eyestrain and / or myopia, especially in the case of the smallest.

Tip to avoid: Apply artificial tear, especially if you need graduation and do not use it, because it relaxes the eye muscles and makes work less than it should. Also, remember that a minimum separation of 50 cm from any type of screen is recommended.

  1. Child and adolescent obesity

While children may develop some important powers thanks to new technologies (video games, for example, provide greater psychomotor skill, reflexes increase, stimulate logical reasoning and decision-making capacity, etc.) its main effect is to prevent the most any type of physical activity for their continued interest in the game: all those hours in front of the screen (together with the rapid and industrial food) increase childhood obesity and therefore cardiovascular risk.

Tip to avoid: Play in a controlled manner (set start and end times), and encourage outdoor activities, family better air.

  1. Insomnia

The use of electronic devices such as tablets, mobile and messaging applications, or television right before bedtime difficult to fall asleep, not only for consumption while its use implies but by the light they emit, which reduces the amount of melatonin secreted by the brain – the hormone that promotes relaxation and drowsiness and regulates sleep and wakefulness – making it difficult to sleep and quality.

Tip to avoid: Do not use electronic devices when you’re already in bed, not even having them in the room. For children, also it is important to educate them in the culture of sleep and make sleep you need for your age.

  1. Hearing Problems

Television, radio, music players … Today we are so used to the sound exposure. However, perceive this noise too much can be very harmful to our ears.

Misuse of electronic devices music player with earphones (Mp3, smartphones) that can reach high levels of sound exposes us to danger to our hearing. Excessively high decibels (<70) can be harmful to our health if we are exposed to them for a long time.

Tip to avoid: Reducing time consumption, and low volume; your health will thank you.

  1. Infertility

Carry the mobile always in trouser pockets or use it too, and work assiduously with laptop on legs (increasing the temperature of the testicles, which could reduce sperm production and alter their mobility) may adversely affect semen quality and, therefore, the fertility of men.

Tip to avoid: Use the laptop on the table and do not hold the phone in the front pocket. Avoid a progressive deterioration of the seminal parameters.

  1. Addiction

Video games: Video game Overuse can intensify the risk that children and adolescents face social isolation, acquiring an addiction to screens. Some of the warning signs are: difficulty falling asleep over activation of the brain, and withdrawal syndrome, which is linked to anxiety, irritability and anger. The smaller they even confuse the virtual world with the real, social life decreases because no longer want to go to the park or in the larger, hanging out with friends can be boring and intensify anxiety.

Tip to avoid: Children and teenagers should not use video games more than two hours a day.

Nomofobia: Feeling of anguish, anxiety or irrepressible need to go home if you forgot your phone or your battery is running low? What first thing you do before sleeping and waking is to consult your mobile? If so, it is very likely that we are dealing with a case of Nomofobia, dependence on mobile phone in the extreme.

Tip to avoid: The mobile has given us the connection with the outside world, but with relationships through a screen are favoring superficial relationships against a deeper and real link with another being with whom you interact personally.

The purpose of this blog is to provide health information that in no case substitute for consultation with your doctor. This blog is subject to moderation, so that it excludes offensive, advertising comments, or not deemed appropriate in relation to the subject matter of articles each.

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