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10 reasons why children and adolescents should do sports

10 reasons why children and adolescents should do sports

Increases self-esteem, avoid the sedentary lifestyle, learn the value of hard work, and helps them socialize … why not practice it?

1.The practice of moderate physical exercise helps maintain good overall health and helps to be good, feel healthy and have vitality, facilitating the smooth functioning of the different organs and body systems.

With its usual practice trains the heart, respiratory, bone and blood system and maintaining a good mood, it favors stronger to face the problems and setbacks of everyday life.

2. As a tool in the field of prevention, daily moderate exercise helps prevent overweight and obesity, also in the case of children and adolescents. It is considered essential to avoid physical inactivity and promote the realization of short trips, walking or strolling.

3. The moderate exercise can help us to relax and get a better quality of sleep. Promotes relaxation and release of tension and nerves that often accumulate on weekdays, both adults and children and adolescents;

Rest therefore it needs not be synonymous single sofa evenings; change activities, introducing a sport, it helps the physical and psychological rest.

4. The children through sport can realize the value and rewards of continuous effort and training medium and long term.

5. Aprenden that achieving goals requires a learning stage, sacrifice and effort and helps them to understand that not everything is immediate, not easy to get. Also they learn that there are battles that are lost, and you have to be strong to face it and know firsthand the good taste of the triumphs achieved. It is a way to help children who have little tolerance for frustration

6. The team sports encourage socialization and help the child to share triumphs and defeats and to enjoy the feelings intrinsic part of a team, to win and to lose and help a team to achieve a common goal.

7. With the practice exercise with family and friends teaches children a way to have fun and have fun, an alternative to the wide range of recreational activities.

Sport offers the possibility to introduce children to teens in a healthy leisure alternative; they can share with family and also with friends.

Especially during childhood, leisure sports can be a meeting point more between parents and children, who can be proud to share hobbies with their parents.

Children and adolescents, like adults, playing sports outdoors and do some sport with family and / or group helps them relax and get back to their day to day with more strength and courage.

8. Hacer team sport can be a channel for improving self-esteem of children and adolescents that your body can have integration problems, to feel too high or low, or fat or thin.

There are feelings that can be better when they feel agile and able to control your body and when they feel safe and integrated into the practice of a sport, standardized way.

9. The immediate sense of well being produced by physical exercise is due to the release of endorphins, the hormones responsible for facilitating and generating sense of well being and vitality that helps deal with problems more energy. This feeling responds to a biochemical explanation that occurs whenever the body exercise is performed.

10. The sports leisure prevents excess time spent in sedentary and passive recreational alternatives. There are many entertainment options easy and comfortable that does not involve any physical activity, no motivation, and no stimulation for children and performed exclusively, without alternating with other activities, can facilitate the onset of health problems.

To avoid falling into the temptation of a sedentary is best to plan ahead, organize some time and thus prevent laziness lead to more comfortable alternative and often very unhealthy.

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