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10 Reasons Why the Avocado is Good for Your Health

10 Reasons Why the Avocado is Good for Your Health

Moisturizing, with a large supply of Vitamin E and with a green color that can appeal any dish. And only for these three reasons avocado should occupy a special place in our shopping cart.

Sometimes reviled for his alleged fat, avocado has had detractors in numerous forums. However, today their healthy character and its contribution in vitamin E and moisturizing capability are recognized.

It is good for cholesterol: Eating avocados helps regulate triglycerides and Omega 3 content lowers “bad” cholesterol in our body.

Awaken your senses: For its high content of Omega-3, avocado benefits not only the movement, but to the eye and the brain.

Have vitamins: Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12 and K. Protects our immune system, improve our cognitive and nervous system.

Anticancer: Thanks to its vitamins, avocado is one of the perfect to protect food cancer cells.

For memory: the avocado can be an ally and best friend of students, seniors and people with Alzheimer’s for their monounsaturated fatty acids.

For moms and lactation: Eat avocado during pregnancy give to your baby is a super heart, an enhanced vitamin E during pregnancy growth. During breastfeeding, eat well while we have our baby breastfeeding is critical to the quality of the milk, so much so, that eating avocado salads are giving our baby milk quality, high-fiber, fatty acids, vitamins …

On the skin: the avocado is used in masks, body creams and moisturizers. For centuries it has been a natural cure for scars, marks and other symptoms of stress or dehydration product.

For a perfect face: Do you want a bright and luminous complexion? Avocado homemade masks with honey, lemon, including cucumber and olive oil … supreme hydration as if we were using the most expensive cream on the market!

Aphrodisiac: We cannot forget her sensual value and power in moments of passion … avocado is a powerful natural aphrodisiac! Its content of potassium, fiber and rich seeds make the blood rate is appropriate and erectile function and follow the natural rhythm.

Ideal for weight loss: Forget the myth that fat avocado. Contains healthy fatty acids and eating avocados in a controlled accelerate our metabolism, control levels of blood fat and also we feel satisfied. Of course, the truth is that we should not eat too much avocado because if that happens, the effect can be reversed.

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