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10 Signs that Warn of the Existence of a Peptic Ulcer

10 Signs that Warn of the Existence of a Peptic Ulcer

If we identify two or more symptoms should see a specialist for early diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the ulcer does not get worse.

The peptic ulcer is a very common condition that occurs when there is some kind of injury in the mucous that guards the stomach and duodenum, i.e., the first part of the small intestine.

It is caused by increased acid secretions that alter the walls in these areas, which causes a strong burning sensation and even pain.

Until recently it was unknown what his origin, but today it is known that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is the main cause.

In developed countries, about 80% of the population has these bacteria, while between 12 and 17% of people develop this disease.

Several clinical studies have also found that people who smoke, drink alcohol or use some drugs have a higher risk of suffering.

In minimal cases it may be a clear sign of pancreatic cancer, which increases the segregation of a hormone produced by the stomach acid.

Knowing how to identify the symptoms that accompany this condition is crucial in order to give a timely and appropriate treatment. Here we share the 10 most obvious signs.

Constant Indigestion

Indigestion is a disorder characterized by an intense discomfort in the upper abdomen almost always accompanied with heartburn, bloating and gas.

While this may appear to eat big meals or gastritis, you do not rule out recurrence is due to the presence of an ulcer.

Abdominal Pain

Although it is associated with the above symptom, usually occurs between the navel and sternum after eating almost any food.

It is a type of localized disease that can vary in intensity according to the digestive difficulty it is causing.

Abdominal swelling

Woman with abdominal distension

Bloating and heaviness recur when you have some degree of this disease.

As there is difficulty digesting food properly, fabrics give an inflammatory response that worsens with the accumulation of toxins.

False sense of hunger

Shortly after eating a stinging feeling well it appears very similar to the hunger that can be confused with the desire to eat.

The truth is that it occurs because the gastric juices are increased as a result of the ulcer, which prevents feel completely full.


Nausea is the feeling of wanting to vomit and are almost always related to a digestive condition.

In this case it is triggered by the imbalance between defensive and aggressive factors of gastroduodenal mucous, usually right after rising.

Loss of appetite

Woman with little appetite

By triggering symptoms immediately after eating some stop feeling hungry and begin feeding poorly.

In this case the loss of appetite due to fear, and the person will cost work to recover their eating habits.

Decreased body weight

Due to decreased appetite and vomiting that occurs because of ulcers, many lose a significant amount of weight.

To some it may seem a privilege, but the truth is that this is accompanied by nutritional deficiencies that are hazardous to health.

Altered stool appearance

This is one of the signals that more attention should be paid to them because, besides ulcers, can also alert you to any type of cancer in the digestive system.

Changes in consistency, color or the presence of blood indicate that the ulcer is more serious.

Chest Pain

Woman presenting chest pain

Chest pain is an abnormal trouble that occurs in the front of the body, specifically in the thorax region located above the diaphragm.

Although the heart related disorders are the main cause, some patients with ulcers have also expressed perceive.

Vomiting blood

Gastric juices are concentrated in the intestine trigger vomiting and sometimes these come with some type of bleeding. In the latter case it requires immediate attention because the ulcer has already aggravated and may become a bigger problem.

After identifying more than two symptoms mentioned here, it is best to consult the doctor for proper diagnosis and timely.

Confirm if an ulcer, it is necessary to modify eating habits and adopt other healthy routines that help your recovery.

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