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10 Easy Tips for Proper Nail Care

10 Tips for Proper Nail Care

But more than a matter of vanity, nails should be careful to avoid skin diseases and other ailments.

We tell you the tips for you to look after your nails properly.

Recalls that more than a cosmetic issue, nails should take care of hygiene and health. If you do not cut your nails and files frequently, you are likely to suffer fungal skin diseases, infections, tumors and warts on the hands and feet.

The nail varnish does not necessarily imply use of colors or designs on nails. Filed, and keep them clean enough to be healthy hands and feet.

Fix nails after bathing. At that time, the skin is more sensitive and manageable and well fixes nails easier.

The nail varnish is not only decorative: some have compounds like keratin that help harden nails.

Every time you wash your hands, fingers dry properly, because excess moisture can weaken nails.

Use gloves when using detergents, bleaches and other products for household cleaning, since the components of these products are very aggressive and can weaken the nail.

Protect your feet when you go to pools or have to shower in a public restroom because contaminated water is a source of fungi and other annoying infections.

If you prefer to go a beauty salon to fix nails you verify the site meets the         required standards of hygiene and the manicurist use sterilized tools to cut the nails and cuticles.

Do not eat nails. Besides being a rude practice, you can inflame the skin around the fingers and deform as well as causing infections and the final collapse of the nails.

If your nails have a strange color, are misshapen, twisted or break easily, consult your doctor, as this may be a warning of diseases such as hypothyroidism, skin cancer, psoriasis, among others.

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