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10 Tips to Balance Your Hormones

10 Tips to Balance Your Hormones

Hormonal imbalances:

Hormonal imbalances are disorders that affect various body systems, caused by a number of factors such as diet, genetics, stress, the environment, clinical history and toxins.

Causes of hormonal imbalances:


Obesity is a hormonal imbalance because there are high levels of inflammation that are caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Genetic predisposition

There may be a hormonal imbalance due to a genetic predisposition, for example thyroid problems are mostly inherited.

Emotional problems and stress

High levels of stress and emotional problems release toxins in the body, which causes problems in the menstrual cycle, hair loss, alteration in your weight and insomnia, affecting the hormonal cycle.

Nutritional regimen

One of the main causes of hormonal imbalance is insulin resistance. That is why good nutrition is basic to avoid a metabolic disorder. Avoid the consumption of processed foods, saturated fats and transgenic foods.

Use of toxic products

Exposure to cigarettes, toxins, alcohol and harmful substances alter hormones and of course health.

In order that you can take the necessary actions to be healthy, you will find the following recommendations that will help you balance your hormones.

Recommendations to balance hormones naturally:

  1. Eat healthy fats

Your body requires fats to create hormones and essential fatty acids are necessary for the production of them. Healthy fats increase metabolism, causing weight loss and help lower levels of inflammation. Coconut, avocado and wild salmon are sources of healthy fats.

  1. Eat adaptogenic herbs supplement

Adaptogenic herbs are plants that help increase the body’s resistance and improve its conditions. They promote hormonal balance and protect the body from many diseases. They also strengthen the immune system and fight stress. Experts believe that the best adaptogenic herbs are Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, medicinal mushrooms, rhodiola rosea and holy basil.

  1. Consume Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is acquired through food. Omega 6 is another fatty acid that is consumed much more than Omega-3 given the amounts of vegetable oils that are consumed. There must be a balance between the two fatty acids to help in turn a good hormonal balance. Both are necessary for the proper functioning of the organs.

  1. Avoid using toxic products for body care

To maintain hormonal balance, it is important that you avoid body care products made with potentially harmful chemicals, such as parabens. It is better to use natural products made with ingredients such as coconut oil, essential oils, castor oil.

  1. Avoid the use of contraceptive pills

The contraceptive pill is a type of therapy that can cause certain complications since it increases the levels of estrogen. Taking the pill is not beneficial when there are other methods that can be even safer to prevent pregnancy. There are risks when taking the pill such as: breast cancer, migraines, hypertension, weight gain, myocardial infarction and stroke.

  1. Perform exercises

Exercise in general allows you to balance hormones; because it helps you maintain a healthy weight, reduces inflammation, reduces stress, helps you sleep better and regulates your appetite. In turn, it improves your immune system and keeps you more alert.

  1. Improve the leaky gut syndrome and your digestive system

Irritating foods, alcoholic beverages, medicines (aspirin, ibuprofen for example) injure the mucosal barrier of the intestines and certain holes are produced that facilitate the exit of food particles, bacteria and other agents that should remain in the intestine, moving into the bloodstream and traveling throughout the body.

All this forces the immune system to work. It is there where the body responds, infections begin, fever and there is a case of the leaky intestine, which affects the digestive tract causing many hormonal problems.

To cure the leaky gut you should consume foods and supplements such as vegetables, foods rich in fiber, as well as probiotics, which help to coat the digestive tract and balance hormones.

  1. Reduce stress and sleep more

Lack of sleep is one of the worst habits people have that contributes to a hormonal imbalance, since cortisol or stress hormone is regulated at midnight. Sleep helps keep stress hormones balanced.

The excess of stress and lack of sleep are related to high levels of cortisol in the morning, so you have problems with work performance, anxiety, weight gain and depression. The best way to balance these hormones is to sleep 8 to 10 hours at night, that is, to do a normal sleep cycle.

  1. Moderate the use of caffeine, avoid alcohol and tobacco

Caffeine affects the central nervous system and increases the heart rate. It can also have an impact on the production of adrenaline and other stress hormones. Try not to consume more than two cups a day. If you could consume green tea it would be much better since it is lower in caffeine.

The intake of alcohol should also be controlled. High levels of alcohol (3 or more drinks a day) impact the functioning of the liver, and it needs to be healthy so that there is a good hormonal balance. Frequent consumption of alcohol increases the risk of liver disease and impacts the functioning of the pancreas.

The cigarette also affects the hormonal balance since it interferes with the immunological processes. For example, smokers of 10 or more cigarettes a day have up to 35 percent higher than normal levels of steroids and reproductive hormones. That is why a high recommendation to balance hormones is also to stop smoking.

  1. Take a vitamin D3 supplement

Vitamin D3 helps you maintain your bone density, as well as immunity against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, among others. Prevents infections and is key to healing, also protects against type I diabetes. It has antioxidant properties, prevents Alzheimer’s and cancer. As you know, vitamin D3 has a high action on your body.

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