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10 tips to enjoy the summer with radiant skin

10 tips to enjoy the summer with radiant skin

Summer comes and if you want your skin not to regret the mistakes made during the summer months, we must get down to work and not let down our guard. In fact, it is during the summer when the risks to the skin increase. The fact that the heat dehydates the epidermis faster and that the sweating increase the humidity, making it more prone to infections, makes this season of the year the care of our skin must be greater.

The sun, according to Dr. Moises Martín Anaya “is the one that gives us and the one that takes us away”: it gives the skin a healthier color, but is at the same time one of the biggest risks for our skin. Stains, dryness, and, in the most extreme cases, melanoma … the dangers it entails are varied. The basic care that Dr. Martin Anaya recommends for the skin during the summer are these:

  1. Clean skin

Daily cleaning should be done with soft products that do not alter the acidic coat of the skin, that do not irritate or are very fragrant, but help to eliminate accumulated fat and dirt. In addition materials that do not scratch or strongly rub our skin should be used. It is important not to share towels with other people and to dry the folds properly to avoid the appearance of superficial mycoses.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing creams and oils allow you to regain lost moisture and are particularly useful if heat is drying the skin. The important thing is that it contains moisturizing and emollient properties, which allows to recover the water.

  1. Attention with clothes

To take care of the skin of the whole body implies avoiding to use clothes or shoes with materials that favor the appearance of fungi by the creation of a humid environment; Or that may cause injury or allergies to the skin.

  1. Prevent infections

 If there is a small accident that results in a scrape, a skin wound or a burn, to prevent infections, it is necessary to wash the area immediately with water. In case of grains or blisters it is important not to touch or tighten them.

  1. Food

 You should moderate the consumption of meats and prioritize the consumption of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in antioxidant vitamins such as A, C and E. The latter is one of the most important for skin care, as it prevents cell degeneration, Helps in the regenerative process in case of scars and acne and contributes to the increase of blood flow of the skin. It is present in oils, nuts, fish and shrimp and in vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomato or carrot. And, of course, it is also advisable to drink lots of water.

  1. Importance of sleep

The cells are produced and regain their strength when they fall asleep, helping to maintain a healthy skin.

  1. Sun protection

Increased sun protection factor is recommended to protect our skin from ultraviolet rays. This should be chosen according to the type of skin. In general, it is recommended to use at least one with 15 FPS. In addition, they should be applied 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the sun exposure, as they are removed by sweat and water.

  1. Exposure to the sun

Exposure to the sun should be minimized in the central hours of the day.

  1. What about chlorine?

After exposure to the sun or chlorinated water in a pool, it is necessary to take a shower to hydrate the skin. A normal or mildly acidic PH soap can be used, which helps to prevent any dermatological infection.

  1. Antioxidants

Due to sun exposure and aggression caused by salt and chlorine, a daily process of recovery of the dermis is necessary that we can get it thanks to products that contain antioxidants.

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