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10 Unhealthy Foods to be Avoided in Children

10 Unhealthy Foods to be Avoided in Children

Junk food these days of scarce time may appear as a quick alternative, but nothing to recommend it. You can generate damage in the development of our children, so the excuse of lack of time no longer makes sense when it comes to health.

Here are 10 foods that we should avoid in our children if we want to grow and develop properly.

1.-Fried: Often recommended to avoid using chips for its high content of Tran’s fat and thereby preventing altered levels of cholesterol and cardiovascular events, which have increased in prevalence in recent years in children less than 15 years. In addition, several studies have found that abundant consumption of fried foods and frequently cause infertility in girls of childbearing age.

2.Margarine and hydrogenated fats rich foods: Margarine is formed from the hydrogenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as oil, however this process also creates the appearance in food of trans fats which damage already discussed in point previous. But it is also a product containing high amounts of salt, which promotes further, the occurrence of diseases linked to the heart and brain vascular accidents and cardio.

3.Cereal Box: An investigation by Consumers International, a global consumer association, said: “A global study shows alarming levels of sugar and salt in many cereals, especially those aimed at children.” Which it is very true, even when they identify to be rich in fiber, which could somehow counteract their harmful effects, this being true only to a point. In this case it is much better to go back to the ancient grains such as oats has convincingly shown that if its healthy properties.

4.Soft drinks: Fancy drinks are nothing but water, dye and high sugar levels, which all they do is fat and increase the chances of developing diabetes at an early age. It is also good to note that excess sugar in our body become fat and thus also favors it is deposited in the arteries can cause strokes and heart attacks at an early age.

5.-cola: I make this distinction because these are undoubtedly the most harmful because of its high caffeine content and high acidity. In fact it has been found that damages and destroys the enamel, which promotes greater caries form. In addition irritates the mucous membranes of our digestive tract and because caffeine can cause arrhythmias and increases pressure, while noting that acts on our alertness and this impacts on our nervous system, which can be translated in the presence of insomnia .

6.Juicing powder: Powder juices have separate cans amounts sugar, high concentrations of dyes. One of the main colors used in Chili is the tartrazine, dye yellow. Clinical studies have shown that if a child consumes many of tartrazine milligrams a day, after a period of eight or ten years may show health effects to the respiratory tract, such as asthma and severe allergies.

7.Candy: These sweet, as the name implies also have large amounts of sugar and dyes, whose effect we discussed in part. However, some years ago a group of pediatricians found that ingestion of high concentrations of dyes generated effects as psychomotor excitement and inability to focus on children, so that their consumption in children with attention deficit and hyperactive should be careful.

8.Aspartame: Used as a free sweetener calorie diet in many products, this product does a neurotoxin comprise three ingredients: aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol, can alter CNS. Its excessive consumption can actually cause migraines, tremors, vision loss, chest pain, asthma, arthritis, diarrhea, dizziness, and fatigue and brain tumors, among other ailments. That is why if you need to use some kind of preferred sweetener Stevia is a natural sweetener, which so far has shown no side effects.

9.Food light, low-fat diet: Many of these foods contain aspartame, fructose or sucrose. But beyond that, it is a fact that the loss of fat and sugar becomes the most insipid food and to counter this, we resort to unhealthy amounts of flavorings, colorings and artificial sweeteners, while not contribute calories possess power high sweetness and thus the brain raises the threshold flavor. The problem with this is that when wanting to reuse standard products, the taste is found to be less accustomed to using light substances and therefore the natural flavoring is now added in greater quantity.

10.Chewing gum: Chewing gum, being a food that is chewed but swallowed spittle only generates nerve impulses that allow jump-starts a series of digestive mechanisms, such as the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which in the absence food in the stomach can cause irritation and even ulcers. Also badly accustomed to the body to have something in your mouth and chew which generates in the person to keep his jaw busy. This can translate into a need to constantly eat “something” and encourage the overweight and obesity.

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