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10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

The best thing about having a dog as a pet is the moments of happiness that he gives us, his affection and attention, but do we do the same for him? Today we teach you the 10 ways to make your dog happy.

Give it Together

If you regularly brush your dog, it will not only shine a shiny coat but will also help prevent skin diseases. They also need, for example, to remove the legas, clean their ears or cut their nails. Clean are more comfortable!

Buy it toys

The dogs are crazy to play with their owner. Balls, sticks, dolls … The simplest things will make you spend hours and hours of happy entertainment. This will also help them to release energy and be calmer. Dogs love toys.

Give company

The dogs do not understand the phrase “today I had a hard day and I want to be calm”. They want to be with you, to move, to play, and to talk to them. Spend time with your dog and he will reward you with more.

Take it out of excursion

Whether you take him to the field or the beach, or simply to a large park, he will thank you. He likes to discover and run for new places.

Put your home to transfer test

Remove from the reach of your best friend anything that could be a danger or could harm you during your hooligans. Remove hanging cables, cleaning products that may be at your height, cutlery or sharp items, conceals medications…

Walk Daily

There is nothing that your dog likes more than going for a walk with you. During the walks you will strengthen the bonds of affection thanks to this activity. In addition, walking is a good exercise for both and helps prevent many diseases.

Control Yourself

You must be strong and not fall into the temptation to give of your food when you ask and look with those eyes that only they know how to put. A dog that stays on its weight is a happy dog. Do not give leftovers from the table, goodies or food not allowed. Just give him high-end dog food and some cookie (dog special) from time to time.


The dog lives in a herd and loves to have a leader: YOU. If you teach him behavior rules at home he will be a more calm and balanced dog. We recommend that you also learn basic commands such as sitting, lying down, going to the call, etc. You will be happy when you do things well and reward him!

Try to understand his language

Your dog can not tell how he feels, so you will have to learn how to interpret his body language.

Pamper your dog

There is nothing better in the world than pampering your dog. Caress him and hold him while you say nice words to him. He loves it!!!

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