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11 Ways to Detect Possible Cancer

11 Ways to Detect Possible Cancer

Prevention is a key factor in the fight against cancer. There are very clear signs that we all know, but others can ignore and those who have to pay attention.

Although there are many types of cancer, and not all offer symptomatology in its preliminary stages, a number of signs that can alert us.

It is also clear that each person usually has a type of characteristics and sometimes has previous illnesses, such as diabetes or fibromyalgia, which make it very difficult to separate one type of other symptoms.

Now there are two things we must be clear about: prevention saves lives and why we should never hesitate to turn to our regular checkups with doctors, gynecologists and urologists.

On the other hand, each of us is aware of how our body works normally. Therefore, there are times, when we noticed that “something is wrong”.

Thus, any doubt or discomfort, do not be afraid to contact your doctor to find out for sure … We, for our part, we show you 11 ways to detect possible cancer. We invite you to take note.

Previous considerations

Here it reflected the following symptoms can be symptoms of other diseases rather than cancer. However, it is clear that they are health problems which, if persistent, are due to a specific source.

It is simply to “raise awareness”. If too much weight is lost without knowing the reason is something, if we get a mole on his back or face should watch. If our cough is persistent and we are smokers we need to do we control.

So, knowing that most of these symptoms may be due to common diseases, are aspects that we must never neglect.For our health and our own.

1.Persistent pain and localized

People often have pain: headache, abdominal pain, bone pain … How to differentiate a normal pain of a tumor associated?

We cannot know. We must therefore consider these aspects:

The pain is persistent and localized: hip pain on one side of the abdomen, at a point of the head, chest…

The pain is associated with extreme fatigue.

Lose weight.

Feel free to go to your doctor if you show a constant annoyance.

2.Unexplained weight loss

We pointed out at the beginning: it is not normal to lose weight overnight without any reason. Therefore, it is important that you attend to your body:

Have you lost your appetite?

Do you take long to digest?

Are there days when you suffer from constipation and other diarrhea?

Have you notes too exhausted

Visit your doctor to find the cause and rule out any serious problem. Do not be afraid early.


No one has a fever without any reason. The body has a fever as a defense mechanism against infection or an alteration in our body.

If you often have a fever at night and sweat a lot, even noticing how your pillow is wet, it is possible to be a symptom of lymphoma. However, and as we always say, it may be due to other causes such as thyroid problems.

4.Extreme tiredness

Fatigue may well be due to anemia, the effects of menopause or fibromyalgia. We should not be alarmed early.

However, if you notice that every day you find it more difficult to follow the normal rhythm you had before, please go to your doctor. Most likely it is due to minor causes, but always be sure.

5.Attention to changes in the skin

In our space you’ll mark very often: we care for moles that appear on the skin. Therefore, never forget the rule of “ABCD” to address the health of your moles.

A: A mole should be symmetrical. If you see one half of the mole does not match the other half go to your dermatologist.

B: The edges of a mole should always regular

C: observe the color of the mole and monitors do not have parts of other colors.

D: A mole should never have the diameter larger than 6 millimeters.

In addition to these data, you should be aware if you feel itchy moles or those they grow hair. Consultation specialist!

6.Non healing wounds

Sometimes, skin cancer is associated with small wounds that never heal. We scratch and bleed, a crust is formed, and it falls and re-bleeds.

Listen, then, skin wounds and also on the genitals.

7.White patches in the mouth

The white spots in the mouth are associated with oral cancer and usually occur in people who smoke pipe. However, we cannot rule out that they may be due to other causes.

If you are a smoker or a smoker, do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you notice this symptom.

8.Sudden bleeding

It is a very common symptom of the presence of cancer. Acts like having bleeding outside the menstrual period, bleeding when coughing or bleeding from the nipple are realities that must lead us to the doctor immediately.

If you present in your urine blood, you know that it may be due to a kidney problem. However, it is also important to go to the primary care clinic.


We know that the presence of a breast lump alerts us to the possibility of a tumor. However, sometimes there are people that let these bumps on other body parts because they believe it may not be important:

If you notice a small lump on the clavicle track can be lymphoma.

Also serves lumps armpits and English.

Notice any change in your legs and arms, particularly if not due to any strike.

10.Trouble swallowing

It may be a clue to cancer of the esophagus or pharynx. If it’s something recurrent, consult your doctor. Sometimes it is due to a simple inflammation, but it is important to be sure. Worth it!

11.Beware persistent cough


A persistent cough may be caused by any condition, from an allergy or a cold to reactions to a much polluted atmosphere.

Now, if it’s something lingering, if you notice that changes your voice, if you have trouble swallowing or something because you’re worried, see your doctor, especially if you are a smoker.

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