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12 Tips for Nail Polish that will make this task much Easier

12 Tips for Nail Polish that will make this task much Easier

We can get a neat and beautiful nails without having to go to a professional. Just consider some tricks and have a little imagination to achieve perfect finishes.

The nail care has become an essential step in the routine of beauty, as these have become a cover letter to others.

Keep long, strong and with various types of decorations allows us to complement the style you want to portray to reveal the naked eye a part of our personality.

However, most of the times we need help from a professional manicurist because we have no idea how to paint ourselves.

The problem is that it usually costs a lot of money and we have to constantly look to always wonderful.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips and recommendations that we can learn to keep them beautiful without having to overpay.

This time we want to share 12 of them to paint them ceases to be a complicated task. Aim!

  1. Clean your fingernails before starting

So the paint adheres well to nails, it is essential to wash them well before applying to remove all traces of dirt or dust.

Dip in warm water and use a little soap to scrub the cuticles.

  1. Use white vinegar

If you apply a layer of white vinegar nail before proceeding to decorate you can extend the shelf life of the enamel.

  1. Take advantage of Vaseline

One of the worst things we paint our nails same is that almost always we spread fingers with the product.

To prevent this from adhering to the skin before applying it, rub around a good amount of petroleum jelly with the help of a cotton swab.

  1. Use white enamel base

Regardless of the background color you are going to use, start first with a layer of white enamel for the rest of the paintings remains much brighter.

  1. Use an elastic rubber

If you put a rubber band on the nails you can make easier the work of making French manicure with a conspicuous color.

  1. A bit of tape

If you want to give your nails a two-tone design, take a piece of tape and place it in the direction you want to decorate. Then painted with the desired color, wait for it to dry and note the result.

  1. Create your own paint colors

If your colored glazes are over but you still have transparent base, it takes a little eye shadow, make it powder on a spoon and mix.

The tones you get as a result are very interesting because they tend to be brighter and have a special finish.

  1. Mix the glaze in a glass of water

It seems a crazy idea, but mix several colors of enamel in a glass of water can help us get a very interesting alternative design.

Cover your fingers with tape to protect the skin and then immerse them in the glass of water and enamels to proceed to decorate the nail.

Make finger by finger so that the nail is well decorated. Leave them to soak a few seconds and then remove the excess paint.

  1. Use a sponge mesh

For fast and fun decorated, cut a piece of mesh sponge, put it as a template and apply on the nail enamel of the desired color.

  1. The classic decorated with dots

Points as decorated not go out of fashion and are the fastest and most fun way to give a different style to nails.

To make them quickly, covers the nail with a band-aid medicine cabinet, pass a paint color highlight the base and wait for it to dry.

Another option is to use a bobby pin, which is coated enamel to make it point by point.

  1. For the glaze to dry fast

If you do not want your decor to be ruined because the enamel stays fresh for a long time, fill a bowl with water and a few ice cubes.

Then nails immersed for a few minutes to help cool faster drying.

  1. Avoid the dryer or fan

One of the common mistakes that ruin the manicure is to expose fresh air fan or hair dryer nails.

This can not only run the paint but also makes colors look opaque when dry.

As you can see, there are very practical methods to get cute decorated without being professionals in the field.

Put them into practice from now and see that you yourself can do a lot to keep your nails well presented.

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