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14 tips to keep your summer makeup perfect

14 tips to keep your summer makeup perfect

With the heat our makeup can end up being a disaster, especially during the day when the heat is stronger … I’ll give you some tricks to make the makeup stay fresh all day.

First of all it protects the skin with high factors. You can use them after applying your daily moisturizer for face.

I advise you to change the makeup foundation. In summer bet on those that do not incorporate oils to their formulas. Now there are many light textures that are ideal for this time, in mouse or in creams, which are more moisturizing and pleasing.

Try to be hypoallergenic. The mixture of sun and chemical components in your skin can cause you allergic reactions.

Moisturizers with color are a great option to not use makeup foundation and have enough coverage.

Leave your skin clean with moisturizer and protection and correct small defects with a concealer.

Tint the tone of your skin with a fluid tanning effect light texture, for example ultra natural Bronze Care Lancaster.

Replace the base with sun powders that allow us to look if we are already tanned a natural color and otherwise give us a slight tonality of tan.

If you choose sun dusts remember to apply them with a thick or broad brush and do it smoothly, especially in the areas where the sun gives us the most, i.e. cheeks, neckline and front.

Do not try to look more tanned by increasing the tone of the foundation. This is very noticeable and the skin is very thick. It is better to wear more rouge or use bronzes.

If you are tanned remember that your winter makeup foundation has become clearer. Change it by one or two darker shades.

Moisturizes and protects the lips.

If you use eye liner look at it not being too oily. With the heat it will move through the eye and it will dirty it. I recommend the black feline eye liner by Helena Rubinstein.

Leave the shadows for the night. But if you are the one who uses them during the day, it is better to be powdered. They offer greater resistance to heat.

Finally use a mask. It does not have to be water resistant; the year round will work for us. A little color on the cheeks and you will be ready and radiant during the hot summer days.

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