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14 Tricks to sleep well

14 Tricks to sleep well

Follow these guidelines and become a sleeping beauty:

  1. Always set the alarm at the same time. Try to have regular hours and sleep as the body asks you. “If you sleep 7 hours it is absurd that you try to force yourself to sleep 8 because it is the recommendation of most books,” says Dr. Segarra.
  2. Flee from transcendental issues. It is not a good idea to try to solve work problems or talk about too delicate issues just before going to sleep. You probably lie in bed and do not stop twirling.
  3. Hide your alarm clock! During the night you do not have to look at the time, since that produces anxiety. It reminds us that we should be asleep and start calculating the time left to wake up.
  4. Go to sleep when you are sleepy. It seems obvious, but there are many people waiting for an hour in particular to retire to bed.
  5. Neither children nor pets. Dr. Merino says that it is not good for children to sleep with their parents. The bed should also be prohibited pet territory.
  6. Care for the environment. Make sure that the room in which you sleep is tidy, ventilated and with a pleasant temperature.
  7. A warm bath. An hour and a half before bedtime fills the tub up. Shoot your favorite bath salts, light candles and put on relaxing music. The temperature contrast at the end of the bath will cause the bed to catch you between your nets and will not release you until the next morning.
  8. No sport at night. If you exercise after dinner, you will make sleep difficult. It is best that you leave the gym at least 4 hours before going to sleep.
  9. Do not obsess about insomnia. Focus on something you sleep safe (even if you do not realize it). A study by the US National Sleep Foundation concluded that two-thirds of participants slept an hour more than they thought.
  10. Disconnect. The artificial light of electronic gadgets plays with your internal clock and blocks the production of melatonin. Avoid computer, tablet, TV and mobile phones two hours before bedtime.
  11. Dinner. It should be between 2 and 3 hours before you go to sleep. Dr. Segarra recommends light dinners that include foods rich in tryptophan (you’ll find them in cereals, dairy products, fruits like bananas and meats like turkey).
  12. Forget the siesta. If you cannot resist you make sure it is before 4 in the afternoon and does not exceed 30 minutes. If you do not do it you run the risk of hampering the conciliation of sleep.
  13. Walk in the morning. According to a study from the Lighting Research Center in New York, some morning movement helps you to get sleep at half an hour earlier than usual at night.
  14. Do not drink anything just before bed. If you do, you may spend the night doing trips to the bathroom. What laziness, right?

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