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15-day depurative diet to reduce waistline effortlessly

15-day depurative diet to reduce waistline effortlessly

Reducing the waist is one of the goals of those who want to improve both their figure and their health.

Accumulation of fat in the belly area is common in both obese and lean people, which causes great frustration when diets do not give the desired result.

The keys to diet

For this diet to be effective and we can reduce the waist in 15 days we must take into account the basic keys. After that time, if we can incorporate these good habits we will continue to lose abdominal fat progressively and even prevent fattening without sacrifices.

  1. Healthy Fats

Not all fats are the same. In fact, healthy fats are essential for good health and to activate the metabolism, which is in charge of helping us burn calories.

If we choose harmful fats, such as bakery, fried, margarine or sausage, we will gain weight easily and encourage the accumulation of fat in the waist.

The fats that we should consume are:

  • Coconut and extra virgin olive oils
  • Avocado
  • Dried fruits and seeds without frying and without salt
  • Ghee clarified butter
  • Yolk
  • Blue Fish
  1. Good quality protein

Consuming protein helps us reduce the waistline. For this reason, protein diets have become fashionable in recent years, which, however, have some objections.

We cannot abuse animal protein, which can affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, we will eat it with moderation, prioritizing the consumption of eggs and fish, and we will also choose to increase the vegetable protein through the consumption of:

  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Arrows
  • Algae
  • Avocado
  1. Reduce refined carbohydrates

Today we abused refined carbohydrates, with dishes such as pasta, pizza, pastries, bread, etc. These processed, fiber-free foods cause swelling, constipation and overweight, and make it difficult for us to reduce our waistline. We will reduce its consumption and choose, whenever possible, whole grains and flours of cereals (spelled, rye, etc.).

  1. Eliminate sugar and alcohol

The two main impediments to reducing waistline are sugar and alcohol, as well as all kinds of sugary soft drinks. If we eliminate them from our diet we could notice a great improvement without making any changes, especially the people who take them daily.

  1. Increase vegetables

In any balanced diet and purifying cannot miss the consumption of vegetables, both raw in salads and cooked.

We should also consume fruit, but not abuse, as some contain a lot of fructose, which could also make it difficult for us to lose weight.

  1. Regulate hormones

Hormones can be, in some cases, the cause of fat accumulation in the waist. If we suspect that we have some hormonal disarray (painful menstruation, menopause, etc.) we can incorporate to our food some regulating supplement, as for example the maca.

Maca is a tuber of Andean origin that, in addition to regulating hormones in both men and women, provides energy, improves health of the hair and skin and improves libido naturally.


Some healthy breakfast proposals:

  • Green smoothie of fresh vegetables, fruit, maca and extra virgin coconut oil
  • Avena cuisine with vegetable drink, cinnamon and nuts
  • Whole-grain toasted ghee and low sugar jam
  • Integral sandwich of avocado and tortilla


  • Each meal should have three portions:
  • A serving of salad, with seeds and sprouts
  • A serving of carbohydrates: whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, potato, quinoa, millet, etc.
  • One serving of protein: meat, fish, egg or vegetables.


Dinner should always be lighter than food, because if we eat too much or forget about the diet we will gain weight more easily.

We recommend that the dinner be formed by:

  • Steamed or cooked vegetables, cream, soup or gazpacho.
  • Easy-to-digest protein: white fish, poultry, egg or avocado.
  • A piece of fruit such as apple, pear, pineapple or papaya.

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