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17 Amazing Benefits of Cherries for Health

17 Amazing Benefits of Cherries for Health

Cherries are one of the most desirable for its exquisite taste and like almost all fruit.
But aside from its flavor, cherries are very good for health because they have large amounts of nutritional and medicinal properties.
Cherries provide the nutrients the body as:
• Vitamin C, B, A and E.
• Potassium
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Iron
• Anthocyanins
• Ellagic acid
• Fiber
• Melatonin
Benefits of eating cherries for health:
• It helps lower cholesterol and regulate.
• It helps fight free radicals.
• Improves box renal failure.
• It helps fight infections.
• Reduces cardiovascular risk and suffer stroke or stroke.
• It helps prevent cancer and degenerative diseases.
• Favors treatment of diseases such as gout, kidney stones and high blood pressure.
• It helps control constipation.
• It helps regulate blood glucose or blood sugar.
• It helps strengthen the immune system.
• Reduces the accumulation of intestinal gas and digestive discomfort.
• It helps to relax and calm the mood, also promotes sleep.
• Retards cellular aging.
• It helps prevent osteoporosis.
• Favors in treating diabetes.
• It helps relieve pain and symptoms of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic rheumatism.
• It favors the elimination of liquids.
• Cherries are a really healthy fruits worth including in our food.
• One recommendation that is made is that cherries this mature enough, not only because it tastes improvement, but because the nutrients are more concentrated.
• The ripe cherry must have a well even intense red color.
• Eating regularly helps treat and prevent diseases so it is recommended for both children and adults.

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