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18 Incredible Medicinal Benefits of Coriander

18 Incredible Medicinal Benefits of Coriander

In traditional stews, sauces and cocktails.Its smell takes us to different celebrations, to moments in the kitchen and even visits to the market. I speak of coriander, an herb queen culinary world.

There are many benefits offered by the coriander- so much so that it is studying its use for cleaning the water of heavy metals and soils bioremediation -.Then, as a reminder, we rescued their incredible benefits.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and C; moreover, it is rich in essential oils.

It is antirheumatic and anti arthritic therefore helps reduce this type of inflammation.

Contains diuretic properties, which helps keep more clean and functional kidneys.

Similarly, helps eliminate fluid and toxins, promotes evacuation.

Free our body of heavy metals – popular use in juices.

It functions as a natural antibiotic to fight bacteria salmonellosis.

Or any other bacteria because it destroys their cell membrane and disrupts their essential processes.

Because of these characteristics, helps the treatment of diarrhea caused by fungal or microbial agents.

Take clean coriander infusion cholesterol accumulated on the inner walls of the arteries.

Helps regulate glucose levels if you are regularly consuming – both seeds and leaves.

Used as an ancestral remedy to fight the flu and its symptoms, when consumed in infusion.

A natural aphrodisiac that works more effectively combined with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger.

Excellent for eliminating bad breath, eliminating toxins that produce and promote good digestion.

until treats wounds and sores, for its antiseptic properties.

Is used traditionally to relieve conjunctivitis; to wash the eyes with an infusion reduces redness.

Serves as a remedy for acne, mixing the juice with turmeric powder, applied directly to the skin.

In the presence of vitamin C and iron, serves to strengthen the immune system.

Reduces menstrual problems, regulating the cycle and reducing pain during the period.

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