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2 Minutes of Meditation to be Healthier

2 Minutes of Meditation to be Healthier

Meditation is the key to maintaining the balance between body and mind. We must not forget that a stressed body is more vulnerable to disease because our immune system is weakened.

It is more than likely all or most of us have heard that diseases are generated in the mind, a negative person, suffused with unhealthy emotions are more likely to become ill than those who take life with a positive and hopeful attitude.

In fact we cannot deny that there are also genetic factors which cannot escape, but if we give credit to a healthy mind can help the body also is in good condition.

2 minutes a day

It is very important therefore, that every day we take no more than 2 minutes for a deep meditation, forget everyday problems, connect with our inside to clean any attitude or negative emotion we have experienced in the day.

It may seem incredible, but it’s amazing how a simple change in attitude can transform our lives. A stressed body is more vulnerable to any disease because the immune system is weakened; in short our defenders soldiers are exhausted.

If you start to consider meditation as a tool to find the balance between body and mind, you are taking a very important step.

Take a deep breath

Accompany your meditation with slow; deep breaths will be even more profitable. Often without realizing it, day by day our breathing becomes very shallow, that way we do not get much-needed oxygen to our cells properly reach our lungs and the necessary exchange for said oxygen reaches our blood is diminished.

Oxygen is an essential for good health of our body element. With meditation help reduce heart rate, making the heart work more harmoniously. You’ll see how contractures are diminishing and the feeling of constant tension.

Personal knowledge

It might seem somewhat illogical to say that through meditation we can get to know more days. But it is very true to say that we often find ourselves sad or unhappy and cannot find the real cause that feeling. What happens is that with so many concerns and obligations, our inner self is forgotten, and we become machines put aside their deepest needs, with all that the main cause of unhappiness.

We live according to the commands of society, what should be done, with a strong agenda. Have you ever thought if the situation in which you live is now you really want? You’re not living to give pleasure to others?

Help yourself through daily meditation, and I assure you will find all the answers within you. Remember it is never too late to start the journey to your true happiness, fear not to seek your truth.

Love yourself and believe in you

Know your interior and above all learn to love, only in this way you can project the wonderful human being that you are. For others you can love, the first thing you should do You, for others you can respect you should also do your first, similarly to believe in you, to show all your potential and enjoy a full life, without fear, facing challenges, cultivating your skills.

This uses the wonderful meditation, eliminates barriers between body and mind, and manages to work in harmony. Eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You and your loved ones will appreciate and reward this change, go ahead and discover the fantastic daily positive effects of meditation in your life. And so does the long-awaited peace.

Note: Your meditation session can be like you the choice, we recommend include soft music and aroma of your choice, without forgetting of course a quiet atmosphere with dim light.

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