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3 tips to make your cat more sociable

3 tips to make your cat more sociable

Does your kitty gets along well with you and the rest of the human inhabitants of the house but does not want to know anything about visitors or other animals? Here are some tips to make your cat more sociable.

Patience as a tool for your cat to be more sociable

The reason why your pussycat has problems relating to strangers is its lack of socialization at an early age. It is very probable that the peludín, when he was a puppy, did not have enough contact with people outside his home. And not enough relation with their congeners or with pets of other species.

At this point you will wonder if the problem has a solution. The answer is yes. But you must arm yourself with a lot of patience to make your cat more sociable.

Some tips to follow:

1-Make your pussycat feel safe

The first thing you should try is for the animal to feel confident in its surroundings. To achieve this you must pamper and stimulate it with different types of games.

So, without overwhelming you:

Cherish it

Speak to him in a gentle and affectionate tone

On the other hand, keep in mind that the game allows the cat to be more sociable and further develop their curiosity and natural intelligence.

It also considers that not all felines require the same level of attention. But if you look closely, you will know if the animal feels safe in the home of his human family or you should continue to strengthen the bond.

2-Do not hurry or force your cat to be sociable with strangers

If your cat is not socialized enough, he will most likely run to hide somewhere where he feels safe when the doorbell rings or he hears strange voices. The worst thing you can do in these cases is to force him to be with the visits immediately. If you give it time, maybe curiosity will cause you, sooner rather than later, to come and see who are those beings that walk through its territory.

If it does not become visible after a prudential lapse, you can go and look for it and bring it to the place where the visitors are. But remember that cats hate loud sounds and at meetings they usually talk loudly. And much worse will be if between the visits there are screaming children. Then, give the furry time and let him decide how and when he will interact with the visitors.

Ideally, every time you receive people in your home, if the cat does not come by its own means to find out who the strangers are, look for it and bring it to the meeting place. Thus, little by little you will see how you will become familiar with other humans and stop hiding each time visitors arrive.

3-Take your friend to walk

If everything goes well and your cat no longer shies away from strangers, you can try to go one step further. What do you think about taking your cat for a walk? It is a good option for you to explore different environments and relate to other people and pets. But you must get used to this new routine very slowly.

However, you have to know that, unlike dogs, cats do not need walks. They can live quietly inside the house. Of course, they must be castrated.

If your pussycat is encouraged to go outside, keep in mind that you should always remove it with a special leash for cats. This way, you will prevent him from escaping if something scares him. You must also comply with your vaccination schedule in a timely manner. And ask the veterinarian if you should apply any additional vaccine for the fact that the animal has access to the outside.

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