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4 Easy Ways to Detect Food Intolerance

4 Easy Ways to Detect Food Intolerance

You may not introduce adverse reaction right after consuming the food that we produce it and therefore do not identify as the trigger. It is increasingly common to suffer food intolerance, especially gluten or lactose. However, it remains very difficult to detect because its most common symptoms can be confused with other health problems.

In this article we explain what are the 4 most important signs that you should take into account when assessing whether food intolerance suffer are.

What is food intolerance?

Food intolerance is one or more adverse reactions that occur in the body by consuming a particular food or nutrient that does not assimilate properly.

The most common intolerances are gluten, lactose or milk proteins, fish or egg.

Symptoms may occur more or less rapidly depending on the person. When happen almost immediately ingestion of food is much easier to detect intolerance.

Digestive disorders

The most common symptom that allows us to recognize food intolerance is digestive disorders, which affect us constantly and despite having a balanced diet.

It is common for a single meal to us we feel bad, while the other diners not cause them any problems.

The disorders are usually the following:

  1. Abdominal swelling, pain and gas
  2. Heartburn and reflux
  3. Diarrhea or constipation
  4. Heaviness

Anyone can get any of these problems from time to time, after some excess or have mixed many different foods. However, if we suffer several times a week without knowing the cause, we may have food intolerance. We must also consider that intolerance will be affecting the digestive system gradually, so not always notice the symptoms shortly after eating the food, but sometimes we have after each meal.

Skin problems

Often people with food intolerance without knowing also have some sort of skin problem or dermatitis. Overall, it is a symptom that we can have for many years, since the skin is a very sensitive organ to all that our body rejects. They can cause pimples or redness on the face, arms, buttocks or legs, not usually disappears permanently with any skin treatment, because the cause is food intolerance.


People who suffer from migraines know how terrible this disorder and how you routine conditions and quality of life will worsen. They may suffer from varying degrees of intensity, but the only way to overcome is finding the cause. The digestive system is closely related to migraines and although they are not only related to food intolerances, this is a possible cause that should be taken into account. Thus, if we eliminate the food or nutrient, our migraines disappear almost immediately.


When we suffer tiredness and fatigue every day, for no apparent reason, and even we wake up exhausted in the morning, one of the possible reasons may be intolerance. There are also other causes such as hypothyroidism, a situation of stress, insomnia, etc.

However, if you’ve ruled out other options, we should revise our food. If our body does not assimilate food we eat constantly, this causes a significant loss of energy to our body.


Food intolerances are also linked to fertility problems and are one of the causes that less is considered in the treatment of men and women who apparently suffer no organic problem conceiving.

What to do if I think I have?

There are different types of tests to analyze possible food intolerances. We must choose a professional who has guarantees and give us a reliable diagnosis, as there are some very inexpensive tests that do not have a scientific basis. If we have any suspicion of what the nutrient or food that do not tolerate well, we can choose to delete it from our diet for possible improvements.

If we do so we must be very rigorous and remove it completely, checking the labels of everything you consume. We will need at least a month to clean our body and begin to value changes.

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